Career Counseling for becoming Teaching Professional

One of the most respected professions is teaching in Pakistan. Families at large in Pakistan belong to the middle class family and prefer their children to go towards teaching as it is among top 3 career choices in the country. Parents and family members often want their adolescents to become doctors, engineers or teachers. Coming from a eastern part of the world with deep roots in rural lives, teachers were and are still highly respected. Most of the families have certain concerns on females joining the job market but they allow them to start their careers if that is teaching or even related somewhat to teaching. In order to become a teacher, one has to choose a certain pathway so that they can land in the profession of teaching.

The journey itself for becoming a teacher is not that difficult but the important thing here is the selection of the subject. One can even decide in their early childhood that they want to be teacher but which subject will they teach or of which subject will they be expert. This is again derived by the interests and passion of an individual. If a student is more interested towards inventions and involvement of science and technology in it then probably, science subjects or computer subject is an appropriate degree to pursue. More importantly, there is no specific degree which is opted for becoming a teacher rather students have to select a degree in which they aspire to earn their teaching career. Now what could be an appropriate career path for the students so that they can land in initiating their aspirations.

However, it is better to follow a general practice by completing matriculation in science subjects as it gives more opportunities in intermediate and bachelor level. Once students’ complete matriculation level, one needs to think about interest on a broad perspective. If one is fascinated about science subjects, the students can opt F. Sc. Pre-Medical or F. Sc. Pre-Engineering but if they are not interested towards science subjects then they can opt for I. Com, ICS and F.A. Another point to address is that some of the students feel that F.A. is not better option for teachers but it is equally an important possible option as it has multiple optional subjects to select. Once students select the program, they have to follow a similar practice as done in matric with annual examinations to be conducted at the end of every academic year.

Career Counseling for becoming Computer Professional
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Career Counseling for becoming Medical Professional
Career Counseling for becoming Teaching Professional

Once 2 years of intermediate education is completed, the next decision which students have to make is regarding the selection of an appropriate higher education program. The students reach a same place where they were 2 years ago as they have to again make a decision regarding the selection of degree. A 4-year Bachelor program is selected as future professional careers are 70% dependent on this selection. At this level, high end teaching is delivered to students with leaving no stone unturned, hence, students are deemed fit for working on their own and joining the job market right after the degree. Teachers need to have certain characteristics which helps them in becoming successful teachers.

The modern world is now digitalized and students are now highly skillful and knowledgeable, therefore, teachers also need to keep themselves updated with latest developments. More importantly, any unexpected and vague question can be asked from the students, hence, teachers need to realize the fact that no false fact shall be presented in class rather they shall ask students to come back with an updated response. Teaching profession in the western world is as much revolutionized as all other professions are. More importantly, teachers need to have a welcoming attitude as there will be a chunk of students who will be low performing students and many of students will be visiting faculty offices for guidelines. Lastly, a motivating and encouraging personality is a hallmark of successful teachers.

Career counseling is not very much active in our society but teachers themselves need to be decent enough counselors so that future lives of their students can be transformed into the right direction. Our website aims to bridge this gap of career counseling by guiding students in various walks of their educational lifespan. For keeping oneself informed related to admissions, institutes, news and careers; keep on visiting the website.

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