Career Counseling, The Need of Hour

By Farzeen Amin

What comes in your head when you hear the work career counseling? Is about what subject you should study or is it about how to secure better marks? If you take career counseling to be only this then you are on a wrong track already. Career Counseling is an umbrella term that comprises of issues as future, job, choices, career track, abilities, educational scope, educational choices, case study of a student, mental approach, skill set and the ambition and much more.

The term is basically a combination of two words “Career” and “Counseling”. The word career depicts the choice for the subjects which will lead you to a desirable job opportunity, entrepreneurship or any earning ways. The career is also termed for your desired profession which might not be the source you want for earning but for the development of yourself and your country. The Counseling here is a term that cannot be defined by one exact definition. It is taken subjectively by all agencies and consulates but the objective motive of counseling is uniform for all that is the uplift and development of the students.

The need of the hour is not to create more career counseling platforms but to generate the right and accurate ones, especially at the academic institutions where our young students are studying. The teachers and faculty members who are aware of your academic approach, history, set of abilities and ambition must do the role of career counseling for the students. The dilemma of students is that every person they meet in their life talks like a counselor to fill their head with ideas and advices which a mostly wrong, vague, faulty inaccurate and completely based on assumptions rather than any experience or practical knowledge. The advices for elder relatives, friends, and immature teachers lead to the destruction of the valuable lives of the students.

Do you feel that you do not belong to your subject? Do you feel lost in class?  Here are the reasons that may cause is condition. It is much likely that you are doing the degree for the sake of just taking a degree from the institution to get any job, you have no ambition to follow in your life then it’s okay, you must complete it anyway. The other major reason you may feel no connection with subjects you are offered or you feel lost is before you have selected a field suggested by an immature which is scarcely related to your ability and desire. Sometimes it’s just too late for the students to change their field and they continue studying it without any interest just for the sake of completion or just because their fee cannot be refunded.

Recently a trend has been established where new career counseling consultants have emerged in the market. The consultants mostly have either no prior experience of analyzing students to provide them with right suggestions and advices or their knowledge is inadequate to reach the level where they can actually perform the task of career counseling. The students need to search for the right places to ask the questions about their career choices.

It is must for you to understand that you own your life and you are the one who has to live with it so make the best of it. Do not select a career because of any pressure and influence. You must value the dreams you have and find the rightful track to follow. You must be very serious about this or otherwise you will be trapped in the web of wrong advices and faulty suggestions. Many students have ruined their lives and wasted a handsome amount of money in the fields they do not belong.  Take the best advice and follow your heart, there is nothing you cannot do and there is no place you cannot reach provided the right path and guidance.


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