Career challenges faced by teens

Everyone has an inborn desire of living a privileged and successful life that is why when an individual transits from childhood to adulthood he deliberately enters to the battle field of securing jobs where he slips and stumbles on his hurdles towards his career or often finds himself battling in the dark where no hope for future can be seen.
While the system of many countries of Europe, Australian and American continents are designed in a way that the opportunities of securing a job and selecting a career requires less efforts of an individual the individuals living in the region of Asia pacific has to put extreme efforts in the process of securing job.
According to an analysis the people of Asia pacific are less likely to get a job they desire for because of flawed system of the region to educate and groom an individual. The individuals of this region usually choose availability over requirement in terms of choosing career and education.
Most countries of Asia pacific are struggling with Urban-rural divide where there is an immense difference of facilities and status. The rural areas barely contain institutes of quality education due to which the companies prefer hiring the people of urban region over an individual that comes with a baggage of rural background.
The individual who relied on educational institutes of rural area for his education has to give up his hope of getting an education desired by him and settle for the education available in the area for instance an individual who wants to pursue with the course of computer science may had ended up choosing for the courses of commerce or economics because these are the only courses offered by the institutions of his area.
And when he goes searching for a job his educational skills are considered irrelevant or insufficient which furthers lowers his chances of getting a desired job and earning a satisfactory income moreover he has to face rejection over rejection in the fields requiring advance technical skills as his skills are no where closer than the people of urban areas applying for the same job.
Moreover higher percentage of people living in rural areas does not have resources of meeting educational expectations of the institutes of urban areas while a number of individuals migrate to urban areas for acquiring quality education the major chunk is left behind to be educated on the rotten system of rural education.
Due to these reasons the children from underprivileged backgrounds are observed with higher number of psychological disorders and anxiety. The constant failure attracts them to use unfair and unjust means to satisfy their needs, according to the statistics the crime rate recorded in rural areas is more than the one recorded in urban areas. These individuals are also more likely to adopt the addiction of inexpensive drugs on the cost of their health and adopting destructing ways of being wealthy like con and gambling.
The people of Pakistan are guaranteed the right of education by the constitution of the state but unfortunately the state is failed to formulize a policy one educational system for all. The states need to provide a parallel system of Pakistan where each and every individual are given same educational as well as vocational facilities. They need to formulate a legal system check and balance on the institutes who are demanding more than they provide to student and also start programs of free or nominal education not just on primary and secondary level but also for the students pursuing for higher education.

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