Cafeteria; the Most Fun place of your Academic Life

Cafeteria is not a place to eat only but it is the most fun place while you’re studying. It fills your stomach as well as gives you some memories which you take with you for life. 
Here are the reasons why cafeteria is the most fun place of your academic life. 
Stress Reliever 
Hard tough routine of classes and boring lectures turn you into a dummy and your senses go out of order for a while. Then you run to the cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee or tea to get rid of those tiring classes and the headache you’ve got after an energy sucking lecture. The cafeteria is the place which listens to your pains and offers you a cup of coffee. 
Make some Noise
Well yeah! It is the place to do your catharsis and vent out the gossip and suppressed voice during the classes. After a dull class, talking to your friends at your loudest and talking without any restriction is something which makes you feel free. Cafeteria is your friend which allows you to feel relaxed. But here is something to be careful about that your noise should not disturb others and the order of cafeteria. 
Sharing is Caring 
Some students bring food from their homes and others eat it. Yes! If you bring food from home, your friends would be eating most of it because they’re your friends and you can’t forbid them. This is the time which you will remember long after you graduate. 
You Run Out of Money
There are some students who are always out of money, it’s not because they’re poor and can’t buy food, it’s because of their mismanagement and not sticking to the budget. This money problem also invites a sense of sharing and if your friend is out of money, do pay for his food because he’ll pay for you when you’ll be out of money. These pleasant way of sharing always strengthens the bond of friendship and companionship. 
Take Some Selfies 
Selfie trend is growing huge and the youngsters can’t stay away from their phones for a couple of minutes even. Once you pick up you phone and unlock it, you’re helpless to avoid a selfie. That’s so precious because the pictures are the memories which will stay with you for life.
All of your academic life become the most important and most beautiful part of your life. You never forget the fun you had in either classroom or in cafeteria. All these memories stay fresh in your mind and become the asset of your life which you never want to lose. 
So next time when you go to the cafeteria, do have a lot of fun and make you learning as well all social life an unforgettable period of your life. Create some memories which you could tell your children and grandchildren showing them all those selfies and telling them the glory of the time you spent at your university. 

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