Bruce Lee; A man who indoctrinated the mixed martial arts to the world

By: Gulraiz Falak


“Hot Temperament is good when it becomes constant”.

He was born in Chinatown and had belonged to Hong Kong family. His traditional name was Lee Jun-fan but after going towards the way of the supernova; everyone was being known him, Bruce Lee. When he reached at the age of 17; he moved to the United States for the composition of higher education and he embarked his career through the teaching of martial arts. This was his first and biggest opportunity to live there and raised his own. Americans did not know more about martial arts but after the releasing of his films; everyone was interested to see the traditional fights which he performed with an amazing paradigm.   

He became an actor, film director, martial arts, poet, philosopher, martial artist and founder of martial art. He excogitated martial art styles and had constructed one of the most famous styles named Jeet Kune Do. It’s a Kungfu style which he also adapted in practice. He was widely thoughtful by commentators and martial artists in the modern era and contemporary era too. We all know, he was an American actor and actor of Hong Kong but no one know the downfalls and the assiduous practice behind his success.  

He acquainted in an American industry through his father and showed up promptly in many movies as a child actor. His renditions on making film were catalyzed both in West and Asian too. He involved his skills and had built his philosophical moves in the martial art. Chinese people had well inspired by his actions and concrete performance of their traditional fight. He demonstrated as a Chinese nationalism through American movies. His father was an actor but in the war days he can’t manage his acting in America and turned back to Hong Kong. He lived approximately four years there and focused on his family. Lee family was being lived in the overloaded area where the rivals or we can say the Chinese communists had active but this environment can’t have constant for Bruce Lee. He was interested in Street fighting and his parents took a decision to train him in the martial art.

He was much influenced and started his fighting career by Wing Chun. He inspired and believed in mix martial art and wanted to cross the Asian limits of the fight. His personal couch named Yip Man because other students did not want to learn this kind of the mix martial art.

 Bruce Lee was very aggressive in his temperament and he took many punishments through different conflicts in schools. Police had more active and very strict to prohibit the crimes and extremist activities while one of the Cops addressed Bruce’s father about the punishment of Bruce Lee.

 "Excuse me, Mr. Lee; your son is really fighting badly in school. If he gets into just one more fight I might have to put him in jail".

 When his father heard these troubling issues; he decided to send him the United States for higher education.

At the first, he became a Judo practitioner after learning the basic techniques from Jesse Glover. He even dropped out from college in 1964 and appeared in Long Beach International Karate Championships with the performance of two-finger push-ups and had won from the championship. He was much advanced in his fighting while his rivals were much troubled when he visited in an arena. His punch was stronger than the rod of steel. He organized a school for his teaching to Whites in Chinatown, but the Chinese community was discriminable from this act and sustained a condition of a fight with Wong Jack Man. Chinese were very conscious about their traditional teaching and can’t compensate through this act. The condition was; if Bruce Lee wins then the school will continue and if he dies then the school closed. The match had held and within three minutes Bruce Lee became a victor.

Near the ending of a fight; Lee aimed his punch near the Wong’s mouth and said:

Do you give up?

He said: Yes.

After a fight, he became more popular in all over the world and media advertised him more though out the world.

 He was very conscious about his diet and training. He practiced 15 to 16 hours a day and his muscles had made a shield of metal. No one was even stronger to determine on their feet; when they see the punch of Bruce Lee.

He said:

 Achieving a high-performance body was akin to maintaining the engine of a high-performance automobile. Allegorically, as one could not keep a car running on low-octane fuels, one could not sustain one's body with a steady diet of junk food, and with "the wrong fuel", one's body would perform sluggishly or slushy.

He was also a poet, where he depicted his emotions and feeling through his poetry. It was based on free verse and paradoxical form while it was published after his death. On May, 1973 he died because of seizures and headaches but he is living in the rules and notes of martial art.

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