Financial crisis over brilliant students

Financial crisis over brilliant students

Sometimes a great collaboration issue of finance takes place in the life of a brilliant student. Which highlights the unexpected outcomes in the educational career. This may harm the important factor for students and their families. A student’s self-esteem is demolished in such circumstances. Sometimes, the student then faces mental health issues. This issue is one of the biggest barriers in a student life.

Here, I will pinpoint the surgical stun nodes that are mostly or barely faced by every third student in a row.

·         Money is important asset when you belong to middle class and living away from your family

·         Fee structures

·         Stigmatization

·         Poor performance in academic session

·         Lose hope and heart for the career

·         Passion for career is demolished

·         Find him or herself responsible for dream of not coming true

·         Think less than other

·         Loneliness or reserve from the well-furnished students

These above are the most hypocritical barriers that some students face. They can come up with these non-materialistic approaches with the materialistic approaches, that is,

1.      When the students are living away from home, that is, hostel, it means that they are away from every leisure they can live up to. When you have to go college every day from home then it is easy to compile your life with money, friends, and family. But when you are living a hostel life you are living a life of a house and money holder. This is how you furnish everyday skill as a family yourself and for this, you should be very careful while spending money because the amount you are given is an asset for you if you belong to a middle-class family.

2.      Every profession is structured differently, that is, fee structure and is expensive in its own renowned category. So you can solve this issue by paying your fee in installments according to your fee structure.

3.      Stigmatization means in short word ashamed to talk about your problem. This is a very pathetic point in my opinion because when you entered in a college you enter with a dream and you have to make it possible in any way. Be confident don’t lose your self-esteem talk with the teachers and I am sure if you are a brilliant student the faculty and the management team would help you. They might give you a scholarship or can raise any kind of fund for such student.

4.      When jeopardize in financial crises don’t fall in the unconscious juggle of money. Show attribute and good performance in the academic session.

5.      Sometimes you lose heart when you don’t have any finance supporter and you giving a tough time to your education. There is a solution that is, apply for a part-time job and you can go for home tuition. If not then you can sell your benefited notes to other students this can be a small remedy to your problems.

6.       In this way, your passion for your profession could be enhanced and you will get interacted with everyone in your field. The above remedy would not let you down and you can maintain or keep balance in your studies while coming over the financial issues.

Likewise, there are also many of the organizations in many countries who are providing financial substitutes to beneficiaries in the field of education. In Pakistan 2003, a well-renowned foundation “Karwan-e-Ilm” was formed for providing funds and scholarships as a bestowed for excellent students all over the country.


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