Blunders to Avoid During a Job Interview

Job interview is the most important part of the process to get a job. This is the time you put an impression and tell your employer that you’re energetic, competent and hard working. But there are some common mistakes which the interviewees make and end up losing the opportunity. 
Be there in time and here are some common mistakes which you should avoid while taking an interview. 
Unpresentable Appearance 
About fifty present of the applicants end up unconsidered because of their dressing sense. Wearing casual dress or sneakers in an interview while you’re supposed to wear a formal dress would ruin your first impression. You might think that the interviewer should focus on evaluating your skills instead of your appearance but the thing is different. You’ll be representing the company and dealing the clients and customers where you need to look according to the requirements of company. This dressing thing allows an interviewer to evaluate your choice and judgment that how would you appear to the people you’re supposed to deal. 
Looking Uninterested 
Looking tired and disinterested in an interview is lethal for your job acquisition. You disinterest will allow the interviewer to think that if you’re this much tired and disinterested during the interview, how would you work for long 8 hours? They’ll look for someone energetic and enthusiast to do this job. 
Using Cell Phone
Well! This is pathetic! Using your cell phone while you’re sitting in front of your interviewer? It’s not done. It will instantly ruin your image and you’ll lose the job before getting it. The solution is simple. Do NOT use your mobile phone during an interview because it is rude and discourteous. Turn it off before entering the interview room and try to avoid putting it on the table in front of you. 
Appearing Arrogant
This is a big negative if you appear in arrogance and try to defame the company you were working for. Instead of bragging about your rights, try to appear humble and portray your achievements how you worked hard during your last job. 
Unfamiliar with the Company or the Role
Not having basic information about the company or organization will give you negative marks. The company for which you’re going to work should be in your knowing list. Try to find out about the basic info and major events of the company as well as your role in the industry.
Being Personal
Sharing your personal information and asking personal question to the employer would make you not a suitable person for the job because of your unprofessional behavior. Sharing your personal information or asking personal question would not help you to develop a connection. It would lead you into an unprofessional image which is disapproved by the companies because they need professionals not some flower child. 

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