Blind, Deaf and Heartless

What I witnessed made me shocked, it was a funeral on an ant where so many other stood by.  I never assumed such little insects to have a great sense of empathy and compassion. I saw them carrying the little black ant and taking it away. In an organized line, it looked like a rally. The view reminded me of the funerals we mostly have for humans. We were made human beings for a reason so what is the difference between humans and animals? If it our ability to express, listen, reasoning, speaking or what?  I have an ideology that we are made as humans to have “humanity”.

“Humanity” can have so many meanings it depends upon how you perceive it. According to Google humanity is being human. So how do we be humans? We were not born alone in this world. We are sent in pairs, combined in groups, clans, and tribes to be connected in times of need, happiness, and sorrows. The natural formation of groups, clans, and tribes has changed into modern societies and colonies. The modern infrastructure, interiors, and exteriors have made people self-reliant yet isolated. People are unaware of their own neighborhood as they do not have any concerns with others and for others anymore. People enjoy their personal life without any external interference but can we really survive by ourselves.

The rate on suicides, murders, and thefts have increased over the time as people are longer watch full for their neighborhood. We have barred very narrow boundaries for ourselves resulting in selfishness and self-centeredness.  The modern lifestyles have made us blind, deaf and heartless where we see people in need around us but we are adamant to lend a hand.  Our society is prone to others pain as it doesn’t bother anymore. Listening to sensational news every day now, it no more brings tears to our eyes but yesterday a message startled me.

Yesterday, I received a message from a friend who was very depressed. The message was about the demise of her uncle. Death sounds too normal to all of us but what made by heart pond was how her uncle lied on the floor for hours without breath. She told me, my uncle died in late hours, I rushed doors to doors asking people to help us lift him as rescue service was out of men at that hour.  She kept asking any and every person to help but all her efforts failed.

A man died, he is no more, he was not breathing anymore, he was lying on the floor, a daughter was asking everyone to help but no one came by. How dreadful the sight must be. It reminded me of how insects arrange burials and funerals for each other. We humans, have lost humanity, we have become deaf to the cries of help, we have become blind to the sights of cruelty, we have become heartless some others miseries. We must understand the fact that no one can survive alone and one or other day we will also need others to listen, look and help.

We talk about the peaceful, tolerant and cooperative world all the time but it cannot materialize without compassion. We must be open to help each other at the times of need otherwise we will also find ourselves alone when we are in need. Let’s not leave each other mourning alone, let’s stand for each other. Let’s create better places to live, let’s make cooperative societies, Let’s be “Human”.


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