Best book for career counseling

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."

-Charles Williams Eliot.

Books are the best friend of a person and they provide a person with the form of guidance. They can be a source of guidance for all walks of life and a problem solver of all giant as well as tiny problems. Like all other fields books also guides one to solve his career problems.

Career problems are one of the cumbersome problems faced by teens and adults these days. With the increasing complexities of new era they find it hard to choose a career for oneself and are often left in chaos and despair.

The usual career problems that are faced by the youth these days includes choosing a career, shifting from one career to another career, growth in career and finding a career which can help them in polishing his skills.

There are a number of books written which can help a person solve his career problems, the article will provide you the knowledge about four universally best seller books regarding career counseling.

The first book which is worth mentioning is “You already know how to be great” the book was written by Alan fine in the year of 2010. In this book Alan fine convincingly argues that a person does not need to have more knowledge but he needs to polish the skills he already have, the talks more about practical aspects of a career.

The book begins talking about the phenomena of unlocking faith and potential that is locked within a person it later discusses the importance of essential coaching concepts, common mistakes made by people in their career the reasons behind the mistake and the ways by which they can be solved.

It further talks about the obstacles which hinders professional performance of a person and provides him with a simple process that can help him in achieving the heights of his career.

The next book which has been proven beneficial in regards of career is “to sell is human” it’s a non-fictional book written by Daniel H. Pink in 2012. The books revolves around the idea of selling that how everyone involves in the career of selling, some are in the business of selling products and the others are involved in selling their services whether it’s a doctor, engineer, lawyer, mason or mechanic everyone needs to sell in order to survive.

The book further talks about entrepreneurship and how the workforce has changed by the time and how it has affected the careers of the people. He also discussed the innovations that are made in the pattern of business specifically referring to internationally selling online store including apple store, eBay etc. The book also discusses the skills which are required by a person to be successful and he can acquire those skills. The book has achieved international fame and many career counselors advise their clients to give a read to the book.

 “Business secrets of the trappist monks” is another worth mentioning books, the book was written by August Turak in 2013. The book is neither a how-to book nor a written in the genre of leadership books. The book includes combination of many stories revolving around qualities of a leadership and success.

The book tells the stories about the quest of a CEO for meaning and authenticity; It provides the reader with the idea that how success can be driven from secular side by defining the importance of rendering services and selflessness.

The last book which completes the list is “Antifragile: things that gain from disorder” was written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in 2012. Nassim Nicholas Taleb is one of the foremost philosophers of the current time and a author of many bestselling books including Black Swan. The book revolves around the idea of how one can gain from adversities and how he can turn his fragilities and disorders useful for himself. The book covers many aspects of life including innovation, health, biology, medicine, life decisions, politics, foreign policy, urban planning, war, personal finance, and economic systems etc.

The above mentioned books are internationally acclaimed best career counseling books in the world, reading these would surely be proven beneficial for an the person looking for a career advice.

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