Benefits of doing an internship

Internship is defined as pre-professional job training of an individual, it is a temporary job taken by a college student or a freshly graduated individual with the consideration of no or less salary as the internship is specifically taken by a student with a goal to learn professional etiquettes and manners in which a job is performed.

Internship is a good form of learning even though there are conflicted views of people regarding the benefits and requirement of internship. Some elderly people consider it a waste of time while other sees a number of benefits of an internship. In the recent years many universities and colleges require a student to complete an internship before graduation.

The period of internship is a not as long as a permanent or full time job, the person who opt for internship has to work for a few hours a week for the period that lasts from three to six months, some of the places offer paid internship while the others pay nothing at all for the work as the sole motive of internship is not to earn but to learn from experiences of those who has been professionally working for years.

The students who opts for an internship experiences a number of professional benefits, at first one does not have to be worried about filling the experience section in his resume while applying for a full time job as almost all the jobs offered these days requires an experience of at least six month which can be provided by an internship moreover it helps the individual to gain organized professional training where he performs day to day tasks at his workplace under the watchful eye of a supervisor with no burden and responsibility of an employ.

Other than the experience helps one to explore his career choices, by means of internship one analyzes his career choices and decides whether to choose or not to choose for a career he has been thinking of. It also plays a vital role in incorporating professional traits in the personality of the one pursuing it these traits includes confidence, effective communication skills, sense of responsibility, importance of taking initiative etc, it also provides one with the first hand knowledge of professional norms and practices which can be proven beneficial for him the long run.

An internship provides one with an opportunity to meet new people and build professional contacts and references it opens the door of an individual to the advice for taking his next professional step. It also opens the doors to opportunities for him as the contacts and references are one of the most effective ways of exploring new opportunities.

One of the major requirements while pursuing for a career is pulling off an impressive resume. The resume submitted by one is the first impression of him in front of a person hiring for the job, the number of internships performed by a person makes his resume weigh better than the other and makes him stand out of the hundreds applied for the job.

The benefits of an internship are not debatable as an internship provides one with the number of professional benefits. It provides an individual with an opportunity to learn and gain experiences it help him to have a firsthand experience of learning professional etiquettes, norms and practices, payment or no payment for internship is a debate which should not be given much attention as the primary purpose of internship is way beyond than a hand full of salary.

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