Wanna be an active participant in a class? Read this!

Being an active participant during the class discussion is very crucial because it not only improves your reputation among your fellows but also makes your image good in the eyes of a teacher as a good students.

Do you feel low at your energies during your classes?

Do you feel lethargic or uncomfortable to participate in class discussion?

Here is the solution of your problem to become an energetic participant in the class.

Be Regular

Missing your classes and being absent wouldn’t give you an opportunity to interact with your fellows and teachers. The absence has a negative impact of not being comfortable with your fellows. The regularity in the class will allow you to adapt according to the environment.

Sleep Well and Eat Well

Sleeping less than 8 hours would make you sleepy during the class. If you attend the class with an empty stomach, then you put your participation in question. Never compromise on your 8 hours sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Sit on the Front Row

Sitting behind in the last row would make you relax because usually teacher cannot see what’s happening in the last row. Sitting on front would make you more active as you would be under teacher’s observation constantly. There is another aspect of being more comfortable and convenience to talk to the teacher because you won’t have to do effort of speaking in a louder voice.

Read the Expected Lesson before the Class

Gathering enough information before the lecture would make you more interactive because you would have more knowledge of targeted lecture material as compared to your fellows. Moreover, it would compel you to question on the things which you couldn’t understand in the material.

Raise Questions

Connecting it to the previous trick, reading the lesson ahead of the class would allow you to raise questions and it would make you more active and interactive. So next time, do read the lesson before the class and raise questions.

Get Involved in Projects and Team Works

Projects are usually in the form of groups and these groups allow you to interact more and more with your fellows as well as teacher. Team work is another name for a group project and all these things make you active in the class and make you popular among the fellows as well.

So next time, do follow these steps before entering the class for a more interactive session. 

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