Avoid Negativity to Lead a Successful Life.

by Farzeen Amin

Do you feel sad for no reason? Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Do you feel your life is of no use? If yes then you are surrounded by the cloud of negativity. It is very easy to fall prey for negativity because there is so much discouragement around us. Negativity effects the life at an adverse level, the performance of a person becomes poor. For better performance you need to have confidence in yourself and your. Negativity is like an energy vampire that steals all of your confidence away. You can easily avoid negativity by adopting 5 healthy habits.

  1. Be Grateful

If you only look at what you don’t have in life it will become very difficult for you to survive. Wise men say that always look below to see what you have and how fortunate you are. So whenever in life you feel negative, change your perspective and flip the coin look at the other side of it. You might not have one thing that is assumed valuable by you but you have a lot other things. If you lack one quality finds ways to build it rather being guilty of not having it. Seeing the brighter side of life will always keep you positive and happy.

  1. Forgiveness

Do not hold grudges in your heart. If you are harmed by someone don’t avenge it be a stronger person and forgive others to move on. When you hold grudges it keeps pinches you. This instigates you to become a negative person. Be bold, have your opinion, tell people where they are wrong and then you must move on. Sometimes we disappoint our self we keep feeling the guilt about our mistakes. This guilt takes away a lot from you. So forgive yourself too, no one is born perfect and we learn from mistakes. Tell yourself how you can avoid those mistakes in the future rather than staying guilty. Forgiving is a beautiful gesture. Forgive people before you sleep at night, you will feel lighter to experience sound and carefree sleep.

  1. Live in present

Today is the most important day of your life and this moment is the most important moment because you are living it right now. Don’t waste what you have now in concern of future or guilt of yesterday. There is no use of mourning over the sour milk or living in the glory of past success. Learn from yesterday but do not live in it. Stop being scared from your future your productive present will bring a better tomorrow. Wise men state that do it today, do it now or you might never have a tomorrow. Performing daily demolishes the reasons for apparent negativity. So start your day with a smile and do not look back.

  1. Talk to yourself

Talking to own self might sound silly but it actually is the best remedy for anxiety and negativity. Ask yourself what is wrong; tell yourself about what happened in the day. You might have a good or a bad day and you are the best person you can talk about your problems too. All the solutions of your problems are in your mind so tell yourself that no matter how bad the time looks it is all going to be okay. Tell yourself to work harder. You are the best person to keep your secrets.

  1. Stay Happy

Find happiness in the small gestures of life. Do not make your happiness an expense commodity. Happiness is the key to content life. Do things that make you happy. Do not live like a robot which is manufactured to work, be a human. Spare time for yourself , go to places that make you happy. Eat what makes you happy but in an appropriate amount. Visiting a park once in a while or a small walk on the roof can lift your mood. Talk to your positive friends, friends that make you laugh, laughter is the best therapy. Be happy because only people which are happy from inside can spread happiness outside. Beat negativity with a smile.



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