Ashfaque Ahmed,The Man with Immortal Vision

Pakistan is a hub of diverse cultures and languages especially because of its post independence history and heritage the Urdu literature has an essence of different mind sets and approaches. We can witness Sufism, satire, horror, thriller, comic, romantic, critical literature under same umbrella of Urdu literature. The diversity in the Literature exists due to exceptional contribution of writers, analysts and think tanks of Pakistan. Whenever Urdu Literature is recalled there is one name which cannot be ignored, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed.

The destiny drives us on the roads which lead towards our destination but sometime it is the person who develops the destiny to reach one destination, we recall such a person today. Ashfaq Ahmed is one name which is familiar to all the generations of Pakistan due to his excellent contribution in Urdu literature, drama and broad casting industry.  The talented and gifted child was born in Muktsar Punjab of British India on 22nd August 1925. He was born in a Pashtun Family of Momand tribe. Ashfaq Ahmed received early education from a local student in Muktsar, he was a very curious child with a very keen observation he started writing short stories in his early age in childhood.

Ashfaq Ahmed was blessed with a very impactful voice which always gets registered in the ears of the listeners, which meant it was not easily to ignore him when he was speaking or saying something. The quality of his voice made him to announce the directions to refugees at the time of partition of British India. After the migration he was settled in Lahore where is spent the most of his life time. Ashfaque Ahmed complete his Masters in Urdu Literature from Government College University, Lahore where he met his better half for the life Qudia Bano

He started his teaching career from Dayal Singh College, Lahore where he taught for 2 years later he left that job for his love for broadcasting. Later he became Urdu Broadcaster in Radio Rome. The years he spent in Europe helped him to explore the world its languages and cultures, he learned Spanish and French language during his stay he also learnt more about the broadcasting.  In his life time Ashfaq Ahmed has written several radio plays and programs.

He had very unique diction and the choice of the words he had was very capturing, his writings became so famous that he also started to write the script of play and dramas for the national television. Ashfaque Ahmed had written numerous short stories for the children magazine Phool later he started his own magazine with the Title of Dastango which meant story teller. He was indeed an exceptional story teller as every word he used would put the characters to life and every story he wrote would relate with the lives of the people and somehow the stories were like the mirror of the society we lived in.

The love and respect for Ashfaq Ahmed kept on increasing in the minds and hearts of people. In the later years of his life he had devouted his life to Sufism and became a spiritual preacher for the people. In this phase he became part of two programs of national TV channel named as Baithak and Zaviya where he interacted with the people and answered their questions. 

Ashfaq Ahmed also worked as Director of Markazi Urdu Board from 1966 to 1979. He was honored with President’s Pride of Performance Award  Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award for his contribution in the literature and development of society as whole. Ashfaq Ahmed had a unique approach in addressing the social and common issues with a mystical voice his amazing selection of words would always make him talks as unavoidable and must to listen. He was a simple and graceful person who was liked and admired by all the masses. The exceptional and unordinary man became immortal in our hearts and left this world in 2004.



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