Art of attempting high scoring entry test

The procedure of getting admission is changing and getting more evolved by the passage of time. Nowadays every reputed university requires you to clear its entry test before getting admission in it. The entry tests of universities are designed in three section objective, subject and analytic.

The objective portion is based on multiple choice questions, true and false and filling the blanks. The questions given in the objective section of paper are tricky so the student needs to take first 10 minutes to read the paper twice by doing so he can frame his answers in his mind and may find an answer of a question which he does not know in the paper as one or two questions in every objective exam paper are overlapping.

If you are confused about an answer having an option of “none of these” or “all of these” then you should go for either of the above mentioned options as the facts state that 62 percent of the time these options are given in exams are the right options.

Avoid solving the objective paper directly with fountain pen, ball point, marker or pointer and prefer using lead pencil first it will give you a chance to correct any mistakes accidently made by you and prevent you from unnecessary negative marking. If the lead pencil is not allowed in the exam prefer solving the paper first on the last page of your sheet which is usually used for rough work and then solve it on the paper. Always double check your answers before moving to the subjective part of the paper.

The subjective part of the paper usually requires more of your attention in terms of time management and paper presentation than the objective part of the paper. In this kind of paper students are advised to read the question paper twice and avoid skimming by doing so his chances of skipping any section of the questions will be decreased.

Moreover he has to pay close attention to the marks assigned for a question and design his answer according to the marks and do not exceed the words limit of a question it will help him save time. He should also divide the time to attempt with the number of questions in order to find out how much time he can spend on one question and stick to the timing in order to complete his paper on time.

As far as the presentation of paper is concerned he should try to attempt his paper neatly in a legit handwriting which is not difficult for a teacher to read. He should use markers for headings and sub headings but stick to one color of marker as using too many colors will destroy the presentation of paper.

One can support his answers by adding flow charts and diagrams in it which are related to the facts and content of the question and high light the important parts of the question by underlining them.

Another important tip to attempt your subjective paper is to attempt your second best question first as it is usually in the mind of teacher that students begin with the question they know the best and often reads second question more carefully than the first one.

Analytical portion should be attempted in the end as it takes most of the time but for being able to solve the analytical paper one needs to sit in exam with the practice of at least a week only then he will be able to complete the section on time. Skip on the question which you think requires more of your time and energy and solve it in the end.

Your paper is the only evidence of your hard work and efforts in front of a teacher. By way of your paper he looks at your personality so one should always give his best while attempting his paper which holds the power to decide for his future.

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