Are We Ready For the Next Pandemic

By  Mehreen Akhtar

COVID-19 pandemic is the most current topic of the era. This pandemic has swallowed millions of lives globally. These pandemic are not new to earth before that human has faced HIV, Spanish flu, swine flu and so many returns of cholera during different periods. Every time government of the state took important measures to save their community. Doctors and paramedical staff presented their lives to save the rest of the world. But after so many hardships and best efforts, a new pandemic takes place and gets viral all over the world starting from a single location. With the modern spread of devices and traveling resources that have generalized the world, people are not so far from each other. Within days and hours, they cover the physical distance and also take germs with them from one location to another. So there is no wonder that how the germs of a specific pandemic cross the borders and cover the earth like a blanket.

Covid-19 came when no one was expecting it. The modern world, technology, and advancement were dunked in its progress when this wave turned the face of the world’s economy, health, population, socialism, and all the other fields. After this disaster, countries of the world have realized the importance of taking important measures to avoid future pandemics.

Transparency and Loyalty

                LOC issues, economical issues, political and foreign affairs are apart but humanity should be at first. Therefore a country should aware of the neighbouring countries if it is facing any pandemic to take precautionary measures to avoid the spread of that specific germ. It should share the information regarding specific viruses or bacteria so that multiple countries can combine timely to manufacture the medicine to avoid disastrous consequences.

Investments of Research

                Every government should provide a sufficient amount to researchers. Researchers can aware the common public about upcoming diseases and the steps to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, they can manufacture the medicine or resources that can minimize the effects of that particular viruses.

Role of WHO

World health organization (WHO) can play the most important role in this regard. A team with full swing and dedication will be very effective to alert the world about the effects of a virus. This team can aware the all countries to prevent their nation. But before that, the country suffering initially from a specific health disaster needs to inform the WHO and share all possible details regarding the germ.

Action against wildlife markets

                It’s proved from history that most of the viral pandemics are the result of wild animal food meat markets. People who sell and purchase the animals and eat their meat are more at risk than others. So the state should stop or ban such markets or at least these animals should be tested properly to check the pathogens they are containing. One more benefit of banning such markets are, we can save the wildlife to be endangered. Researches have proved that domestic animals are safe than wildlife. Hunting of wild animals is ending the species rapidly so proper regularity upon such markets can save the wildlife and human life also form future pandemics.

Improving health care system

 The health care system should be improved at every country level according to its population. There should be a proper resource allocation to the public regarding medical and health and they should be aware of using different resources that can make them alert from upcoming health issues.


Pandemics and viruses will not stop attacking the living organism so it is the major responsibility of human beings (scientists, doctors, and Government officials, authoritative persons) as well as the common man to stay aware and follow the rules made for their welfare. So that we can stay apart from all those activities that bring such globally disastrous diseases.

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