Apart from English, Urdu is our National Language

Apart from English, Urdu is our National Language

We all know that languages play an important role in our social life. You are admired through language and your national identity is also based on language. So see how much you are reliable over the consultancy of language. Apart from the debate of language my core writing over the Urdu language just wants to take some of your few minutes to think about the impotency of Urdu language in our life.

Nowadays, we identify or judge other over their communication skills. Somehow, we are distributed in the society besides, money over language. For an instant, we identify or judge other in some of the communal places like markets, schools, occasions on language. If we found anyone communication in English we consider them educated and on the other hand as an Elite class. Am I right?

 Obviously, yes because our assumptions are still based on the clothes, color, race, money, and language. How small our perception of knowledge towards people is core assumed!

 In actual we have categorized our own community in the diversity phase of language. Some of the pathetic laughable reasons to know why people speak in our society or what they assume after speaking in English, let me tell some hilarious reasons:

  • The elite class wants to communicate in English however, even they flourish to this level after belonging to a slum area.
  •  You wear jeans and want to communicate in English.
  • Speak in English in malls and in brands to just show off.
  • When English is not your native language and you speak in English just to create a fuss like ‘Meera’.
  • People speak in English as using it as a code language making fun of themselves that others may not get them.
  • Most of the Urdu native people consume the English language as a weapon when needed in the fight to speak sluggish words thinking other’s moron.
  • Even the foreign speaker don’t know the use of grammar while they speak and write but we do pinpoint the mistake if anybody tries to facilitate themselves while speaking.
  • Last point, one of the hilarious moment though occur when people try to copy the British accent with their crooked mouth.

(Just Pakistani thing) :p

What I think in the other socio mark is that we should feel proud that our language is one of the outrageous and remarkable languages on which agenda’s we got a separate country and are describe as the separate nation.

Our language is our pride and we should speak it purely with confidence. We should resolve the passion among other semi-speakers that we love our language and we feel proud when we elaborate it with great enthusiasm.

Our schools, colleges, and universities must adopt Urdu as the official language so we could refrain from English language intruders. Otherwise, we should seek from China that how much they astonish their own language and prohibit other languages like English to be written even on their products. This is how we can we should adopt our national integrity in the world.





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