Allama Muhammad Iqbal , The Poet of East

The leaders who lead the struggle for the development of an independent movement enlist several people who could not get an apportunity to reach the completion of the movement they had started. A leader who had developed the thought of Pakistan and mapped out the areas which must come together for building Pakistan was Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He is the prime example that pen win the battles where swords fail.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal was born on 9 November 1877 in Sialkot, he was born in an ethnic Kashmiri family. The man who inspired the movement of Pakistan was not just a poet but a thinker, philosopher, politician, a barrister and an excellent academic scholar. Allama Iqbal completed his studies in the field of Law and Philosophy from England. Allama Iqbal is regarded as the spiritual father and spiritual founder of Pakistan because of his exemplary efforts to awake the Muslim community from their deep slumber to rise together for the establishment of Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal used his poetry as the medium to communicate with masses and spread the message of unity and uniqueness of the Muslim community. Allama iqbal not only addressed the Muslims of sub continent but the ones in the whole world. He wrote his poetry in Urdu and Persian. Allama Iqbal joint politics in 1923 with London branch of All India Muslim League. Iqbal was an excellent and keen observer especially when it comes to the human behavioral patterns, he was convinced that Muslims and Hindus cannot coexist under one roof because of the differences of religious customs and believes. the conviction over his careful observation lead him to lay down the foundation of “Two Nation Theory”.

Allama Iqbal had very scientific and modern approach towards Islam and Muslim community which resulted in severe criticism by other conservative Islamic Scholars in this regard his poem “Shikwa” based on raw human feeling and complaints to the creator received massive response both in terms of appreciation and criticism. Later he wrote “ Jawab e Shikwa” in the answer of the complaints which satisfied the religious critics and clerics. Iqbal is said to have magic in his pen as every word he had used was a master piece which left deep impact on the minds of the readers and listeners. The famous poetry books include The Secrets of SelflessnessMessage from the EastPersian PsalmThe Call of the Marching Bell, Gabriel’s WingThe Rod of Moses and Gift from Hijaz.

Iqbal is much remembered for his famous Presidential speech addressing the masses mostly Muslim youth and elderly at the Allahabad Address in 1930. The address was the key of the door of independence. The concept of two nation theory was first elaborated by Iqbal himself in this address which later became very popular and the major foundation for the separation movement of Pakistan.  

Allama Muhammad Iqbal is regarded as the National Poet of Pakistan with the greatest honor and regard. The poetry of Iqbal is part of the curriculum of text books of Urdu Literature. He was honored as a knight Bachelor by King George V in 1923 for his exceptional performance. The man who provided us with the thought and idea of a separate Independent Muslim homeland was unfortunately short lived and died on 21 April 1938.

Iqbal is honored and remembered by every Pakistani national for his incomparable and undeniable efforts in bringing diverse Muslim community together on one platform for a common purpose, his words work as an anchor for the ship of independence for Muslims of Sub-continent, He truly was the great poet  of East and spiritual Father of Pakistan.

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