Ali Moeen Nawazish, The Highest Academic Achiever of Pakistan

Every human has unexplored talents and potentials residing silently inside us. Every human being is gifted with one or other talents. However, this raw talent requires hard work to polish it. The success stories of the famous people are just like all of us. The stories inspire us to explore and sharpen our own potentials to reach the ambitions of our life.

The success story of Ali Moeen Nawazish is well connected with every student. He had the similar patterns to take studies but the drastic change occurred when he started preparation for 0 level examinations. In the interview with Career Karwan, he shared his story of how he became the first person and only student to secure 22 As in the A level examination. He received early fame in Pakistan for exceptional performance. The amazing story of Ali Moeen Nawazish is very closely related to every student who is dedicated to the studies.

The interesting events in the life of Ali Moeen Nawazish were not concluded with his good performance in A level but it was just the beginning of his life and career. Now he is working with well known and popular media channels such as Jang group. He is also working as innovation strategist, column writer, and educationist.

Listen to the complete story of this young talented man who has experienced the success in both Pakistan and worldwide. 

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