Aitzaz Hassan, The tale of love and bravery

The world we reside in is made of two types of things which surround us. Firstly, the tangibles are the things which we can see and touch. It includes everything from our clothes, utensils, accessories, machinery, hardware, mobile phones, and even our toothbrush. We although have more in life than what we can see and touch. The emotions, wisdom, and feelings are intangible yet our world is incomplete without them.  The materials are easy to calculate whereas, the intangibles are only measured by comparison and standards. Our life is the most expensive intangible thing which is why it has become a standard to measure emotions such as love.

Interestingly, all of us have either become part of a conversation where a vital question of how much you love someone is answered with I love you more than my life. So, when people say this, do they really mean it? Can someone really give up the precious life for anyone and anything?  The answer is, yes, here I do not mean to promote the people who waste their lives out of stupidity and immaturity. There are the unsung heroes who have never chanted about their love for the people, the love for their home and the love for their country yet they are open to sacrifice every drop of their blood for love. Such a person was young Aitzaz Hassan.

We celebrate our big victories in the history on defense days and resolution day, we remember our great heroes and their stories but there are so many more stories worth listening and sharing. The stories of common men who turned out to be a great hero are worthy to be told. Aitzaz Hassan is one story of simplicity, courage, and love. A young boy of merely 15 years of age from Hangu, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. He was martyred in an effort to stop a suicide bomber.

2014 was a difficult year for Pakistan altogether. There were many threats of terrorist activities and suicide bombardments. The educational institutions of Pakistan had become the prime target of the terrorist organizations. The news had alarmed all the adults of society but the young girls and boys remained on their casual routines. The morning of 6th January 2014 was as usual cold in Hangu, Aitzaz was ready to go to School when he noticed an unknown person around his school. The young boy got alarmed with the physical appearance of the strange person. He moved towards him to inquire about his intentions. When he came closer he was sure that the person was here with the intention to harm his community, friends, school, and home. Unlike most, he did not run away from him but ran towards him.

It is definitely impossible to imagine what must have gone through in the mind of a young martyr but it must be the love he had for his people which drive the courage in him to embrace death. Aitzaz ran towards the bomber and held him tightly preventing him from entering the school. In the struggle to stop the heinous intentions of terrorist both of them were blasted and blown into pieces. Aitzaz Hassan is the person who said yes to the question of giving away the most precious life for the love of his friends, fellows, and people of his community. The young school going boy is a hero for every Pakistani as he might not have a long life but the one which will be remembered for ages. Aitzaz Hassan is the face of Pakistan, a face which is shining love, courage, and peace.


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