Adolf Hitler, The Reign of Terror

History is remembered less for the events and more for the people who turned the events upside town with their charisma, art, tactics, charm and sometimes for by their terror. The world leaders have the highest contribution in shaping the contemporary world we are living in. The leaders have shaped the minds of nations towards adaptation and also towards the destruction. Today we will learn about the most hated world leader, The Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in a small town of Austria Branau am Inn , on 20th April, 1889. Being born in a complicated family Adolf Hitler never had a cordial relationship with his father, lacking the academic skills his educational background is filled with frustrations and failures. He could not follow the footsteps of his father who was an government officer in Austria. Hitler could not cope up with his studies in high school which eventually lead to dropping out of secondary school.

Who knew that the under the mask of horror and cruelty laid an artist, most cruel leader of the world just wanted to become an artist in his youth.  He applied for admission in Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts but failed to impress them, his dream of becoming an artist was shattered so he moved to Munich, Germany in 1913 and joined the army.  The events turned in favor of Hitler in 1914 and he participated in the World War I.

World War I was the largest and deadliest war of its time. Adolf Hitler took pride in fighting for Germany and got injured in the war later he was rewarded with silver cross medal from the ruler of Germany. The defeat of Germany in 1918 created a storm of frustration and anger in him and he decided to join Politics. In 1918 he joint the Workers party of Germany.

Adolf Hitler was gifted with a strong physical structure, an aggressive face and amazing vocal capacity. Through his charismatic personality he kept on getting higher ranks in the party and finally became the chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler was very sure of the success of his ideology and he started in infiltrated in the naïve, tired, grieving minds of people of Germany. Adolf Hitler was the first person to use every equipment of media in the spread for his Ideology of Nazism.

He believed that Christian Native Germans belong to the Aryan race which is the master race of the world and only German deserves to rule the world. The hatred towards what he called impure bloods , Jews and Slavs drove the whole world towards the deadliest war of the world ever known as the Great World War II. Germans were blinded by the most tactful propaganda designed Adolf Hitler to lead violence towards other human beings in the most cruel and brutal ways which includes the concentration camps, hard labor, genocide and the horrors of Holocaust.

Germany was eventually defeated in Second World War but left Hitler in dismay and he failed to accept his defeat. He committed suicide right after Germany had to surrender in the war. No one could image the events would turn like this when Adolf Hitler took charge of Germany but cruelty always has an end, a shameful and dark end. The so called reign of thousand years ended with the death of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler started as a normal child, a disturbed student, failed student, an aspired artist, a soldier, a chancellor and the deadliest leader. No matter how cruel and hateful person Adolf Hitler came up to be but he was a truly an artist which painted the hearts and minds on Germans with hate and aggression. He was Artists who used commendable tactics in building a beautiful picture of revenge for people, an artist whose art lead the world towards the death.

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