Abraham Lincoln; Failures led him to success

By: Gulraiz Falak

“Abraham Lincoln was the name of victory in the history of politics and the field of success.”

He came out through many downfalls. His decisiveness created his empire and had made legendary paradigm throughout the world. Everyone deals with the hand of luck but Lincoln was the one who deals with the grip of ax and chops the statue of his success. Though he was 6 feet and 4 inches tall but he made his country more popular than his height throughout the globe.

“Life is too short, but not a sort of sleep”.

He was born to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln house in Hardin Country, in 1809. He had an older sister named Sarah and younger brother Thomas, but he died in infancy. His mother had died when he was nine years old. After his mother’s death, his father gets married to another woman named Sarah Bush Johnston. His parents were illiterate but his new mother Sarah encouraged him to read books.

He indulged him more in the passion of reading books with new motivation given by her new mother. He was walking for miles to borrow books. He did many works like as a shopkeeper, and postmaster. He had more popular by the talent of telling stories to locals and make a seat of glory around a public. People elected him to be their captain after the Black Hawk War between the United States and Native Americans. In his times, no one sees bloodshed and the dead body.

He made many political connections and after the death of his wife; he began his political career and was elected to the Illinois state legislature as a member of the Whig Party. He became a lawyer and began his practice in the John T. Stuart law firm. Abraham associated with William Herndon in practice of law. Sometimes he was depressed because of short income but he tried his best for himself.

In 1846, Lincoln won election to the U.S House of Representatives.  He served a single term in the U.S. House of Representatives and used this term in office to speak out against Mexican-American War. He was a supporter of Zachary Taylor for president. He faced many ups and downs and one downfall was his giving criticism of the war. He was a determinist and once again he took a step to practice law.

In 1850, Illinois became the hub of various companies due to the railroad industry; because it shifts to the west and he served it as a lobbyist.  He served in the Illinois General Assembly for eight years in the U.S.

In 1854, Douglas was a leading Democrat in Congress and he spoke out opinion that either “territory should be slave or free”. Lincoln went to Peoria and told about the Declaration of Independence with the debate of Douglas.  

Political operatives Illinois gave support to Lincoln for the presidency and organized a campaign for him. He received approximately forty percent popular vote and accomplished 180 of 303 Electoral votes. He faced more his rivals rather than his friends.

"Hold your friends close and your enemies closer”.        

He was the best-remembered leader throughout the Civil War. In 1864, Lincoln countenanced chewy reelection against General George McClellan and addressed a need to reconstruct the South and rebuild union. He was near to victory of the Southern States Union but the shadow of his death was near to him. He got the victory but his eyes cannot able to see reconstruction.

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