A Shining Star of Education Sector

Rana Adeel Mumtaz

Riana Adeel Mumtaz is a well-known figure in the horizon of education. He had achieved distinction in the medow of education. He had introduced various novel ideas in educational sectors which had been implemented in schools, colleges, and universities as well. He firmly considers  that education is the only effective tool through which we can bring a drastic change in our country and can drive our nation on the road of success. He had always been focusing on his studies in order to become a successful man. Now, he motivates his students and all young learners  for studying hard.He is keenly interested in changing the fate of Pakistan (his dear homeland)  applying the tool of education. He motivates youngsters to become keen learners for living a prosperous life.

He had joined Blue Sapphire Educational Network as a CEO. Blue Sapphire Educational Network is known as Apex group of colleges. And he is also working for a network of progressive grammar schools and training organization Union, Centre for Brilliance. He is founder of this network because he intends to bring a change in the lives of future generation. However, training for living a successful life is the prior objective of this educational group.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Progressive limited

He has been serving as a co-founder and executive director of progressive limited since 2016 to 2018. He has successfully established a stream of thirty colleges known as Aspire Group of colleges. He has also built a chain of eighty schools, called Savvy and department of entry test called SEED. He deserves real honour being a pioneer of these well-known groups of colleges and schools. By conducting multiple seminars, he has introduced novel ideas in educational sector.

Development Administrator Superior Group of Colleges

He is also a founder of well-known and well-established groups of colleges named Superior Group of Colleges which was built in 2000. He secured the position of Development Administrated in 2007. Since then the chain of Superior group of colleges started flourishing. He has the honour of establishing more than sixty-five colleges and a university as well. He tried his level best to bring the standard of education on top surface of the sky. Not only had this but he is the builder of a medical college named, Azra Naheed Medical College. This college was established in 2011. He has been performing his duties as a trainer of teachers and students as well; and through his motivational lectures, he has also inculcated the spirit of learning and studying hard.

Head of the Institute

He has been serving his duties as the head of the institute, though he joined the educational sector as a teacher. He was awarded with best Principal award for boosting up the standard of his institute. He had been rendering his services as a teacher and a Principal from 2000 to 2006.

Motivational Trainer and an Entrepreneur

This credit goes to him that he has also been a motivational trainer and an entrepreneur along with his crucial duties like teaching and organizing various educational institutes. He has conducted above 500 sessions of career counseling in education all over the Punjab.

  1. He has motivated millions of students through these sessions of career counseling.
  2. More than 5000 teachers have taken training from him while attending these sessions.
  3. He is the pioneer of parenting seminars in Pakistan. Parenting seminars have never been conducted in the history of Pakistan.
  4. He has conducted many motivational and inspirational sessions not only for the teachers and students but also for the parents.
  5. Many TV channels have been conducting special programs for his interviews. Through various TV channels, he has taught the nation about real objectives of education.

CEO at Blue Sapphire Educational Network since 2018



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