A paradigm of solid determined Assad Ali

A paradigm of solid determined Assad Ali

We come across many vigorous examples in our life that set as the bitter reality of life treasures. Either I call it a blessing or a bitter disclosure of life of bad luck charm which ironically fascinate the dispersal capabilities into the phase of firm determination.

The heroic tale of malfunction amputated armed boy will let your mind blowing with a heavy heart that how a calm face boy with unique persona shouldering a unique persona render the cruel materialistic world.

This is a story Assad Ali Sultan, study in one of the renowned institute of Punjab, Government College Lahore, where the list of merit makes the candidate available to purchase the seat within the Institute and her Assad got admitted on the basis of open merit list instead of enduring the opportunity of prevailing list through the handicapped reserved list. As his hands were got amputated at very young age due to a high voltage of electrical shocks as he was baby struggle consciously touched the heavy wires that perspired great shocks to the boy at the sudden time. With the mean of treatment and time, the limbs were amputated in a result that let the shine of his parent eyes away as he was witnessed as the only bread earner after his studies. His parents want him to become an officer but all in vain since then the boy was more supervised under the aspect of his mother. His mother is his main inspiration who made him strong enough to deal with the materialism of world.

Despite his middle-class background and the merciless life he never becomes dependent on anyone else as recommended silently by his mother once his ear. That he had to fulfil the needs of the world being a normal person and should not to be categorised in the handicapped people. So what if he was paralyzed through the limbs. He also participates in sports like football, cricket and Gulli Danda.

The hurdles were faced by him at the very young age of six years but later with the mother’s affection and benevolent care the child cover up with the everyday learning task and now he has become independent successful creature. He does almost all work of hand within the daily task with his elbow joints.

He was officially gone through twice time of implantation of artificial hands which he told didn’t find helpful once he got the implantation of hands when he was in Class-3 he went with his parent for the treatment from Peshawar that made his backbone pain due to the heavy metal so he couldn’t be able to survive with it and later he got the help from 2005, Islamabad-based organization, HOPE, which facilitated him in contacting Hashmat Affandi, the chairperson of United States-based House of Charity, who took him to Huston where artificial hands were again implanted after a thorough examination of his limbs. However, these implants had quality and capacity similar to the pair he had got grafted from Peshawar. The US doctors advised him to revisit them after nine months and they promised to graft a Bio-Electronic pair of hand during the visit. As those electronic pairs of hands going to be worked as natural hands he was much excited to live a happy and normal life with getting the most important assets back with admiring independence, even his parents' dreams were refilled again.

In the meantime, his dreams of implanting and getting a normal life just got vanished. As Hashmat Affandi brought him back to Pakistan, she never returned his passport. In which he took his elementary examination and began cherishing the hope that he will be able to take his secondary level examination with the help of Bio-Electronic hands. So, after the eight months, he contacted HOPE's office in Islamabad but received no response through them. Then he, again and again, attempted to contact Hashmat Affandi through her cell phone and email but all in doom.

He was granted a five-year visa by keeping views over requirement needed in treatment. He was not returned with the passport. If he would have a passport then he would have gone to America, perhaps with the help of any philanthropist individual or organisation to get Bio-Electronic hands grafted. This indeed saddened him a lot. Here his parents helped him to rebuild his broken resolve and he again started concentrating on his studies and with the grace of God Almighty now he’s studying at Pakistan's prestigious institute.

Even in examination hall he didn’t admired anybody help though he faced much difficulty in writing in starting but with time his writing speed was possessed as normal people speed yet he faced difficulty in Urdu paper because as it is lengthy and comprehensive he asked for the writing specialist to help him resolve his hurdle but no one helped him and he managed it himself.

However after sudden struggling and bannered strict hurdle he got admission in the renowned college of Pakistan GCU and for this he had to manage his tuition fee and hostel dues which he was unable to pay but with the waiver pursuing help by the Kawan-i-ILM Foundation he had achieved this goal and for this his family and he himself pay much-hearted regards for fulfilling his dreams.

In the end, I would like to say that these type of aspirants should not be neglected in any field of life. As they are the true mentors for the abled aspirants they should have the balanced life as if we are living without the indulgence of any rupture.

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