A Checklist of the things to do before Graduation

The last few months before graduation give a sort of mix feeling. At times, you feel happy because you’re going to get your degree for which you’ve been struggling for almost 16 years. On the other hand, there is sadness within your heart and it is because of the fact that you’re going to leave your university.

The thing is, you’ll have to leave your university, friends and people around you, one day. But why not get the best out of it before leaving the university?

So here are the things you must do before graduation.

Go Counseling Hours

You’ve been seeing your teachers in the classrooms all long four years but there is a twist in the plot. Now you’re required to see them in their office. These visits will help you build up a bond with your teachers and you can get best of the career advices you’ve ever heard of. It will also be helpful in getting a letter of recommendation and job references.

Work on Your Physique

The tiring and hard-working degree programs do not let you work on your physique and you lose your shape gradually. Now is the time to work on your physique and get into shape because time is near and you’re going to get married soon (probably).

Arrange a Friends’ Dinner

There would be an official graduation dinner by the university, if your university or the department is interested enough in your graduation but do arrange a private dinner of your friends and fellows. This will allow you to create a lot of memories as well as of exchanging contact details with the fellows you’re less familiar with.

Start Building your Professional Network

Job market is cruel as well as kind at the same time. You can find a job of your dreams if you keep on working on your professional network. Try to get into contact with the people of your industry. Build up a network which could help you in future.

Start Building your Professional Wardrobe

For professional life, you need professional appearance. You’ll no longer be allowed to wear your comfortable sweatpants and hood. This is the time of spending your money with the right selection of clothes so that you could build up a professional wardrobe by the time you get the degree.

Spend Maximum of your Time on Campus

The last few months of university give you the best of your memories and rest of them should be created. This memories-creation-process asks for plenty of time to be spent on the campus. Free yourself from other works and give the free time to your memories-creation-process. 

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