8 great tricks for reading people’s body language

Body language is just to be free, to utilize it like your voice. Basically, a body language speaks eloquently though silently although language is the most target device that carries powerful actions than words, it shapes a personality. We carry body language before we had speech and begin to communicate non-verbally than to express through words. These non-verbal signals contribute huge amount of role in daily routine.

This is a reflection of mirroring one’s own personality while using gestures and actions. The knowledge of body language involves interaction and factor of judging other people. Our body language holds an invisible voice which is more powerful than the utterance of words. Following are eight tricks that will help to examine one’s body language.

Crossed arms and legs signals entangled in thoughts  

The closing of arms and legs reflect the subconscious level of individual that they are away from the present situations. This action signals the feeling of insecurity, anxiety level is increased or being stubborn. It is also means to complete a difficult task or to pay concentration on a single thing. The environment becomes a hurdle and through occupying in this action the person set him/herself away from the others around them. The individual is mentally, emotionally and physically distances from the people, atmosphere and are unable to negotiate.  

The wobbly legs reveal inner anxiety

Sometimes in gathering the shaking of legs is considered as a habit of a person or a kind of disorder. But this body action reveals the inner nervousness and uneasiness of an individual. The nonverbal action as shaking of legs uncontrollably conveys the irritation that a person feels around many people. The anxiety provokes to quiver the legs or maybe foots immediately. If a person is in tension or stressed he/she will use this bodily action to decrease the inner irritation. 

The grimace looks suggest they are lying

The person expresses the feeling of disgust, wry with twisted expressions known as grimacing. If a person uses grimace actions while conversing it highlights the element of lying. The facial expressions and hand movements play a great role in judging the body language of a person. The facial discomfort reveals the hidden reality and caved truth of a personality. It is easier to notice the liars through examining the foul actions and expressions.

Raised eyebrows speaks a lot than words

To let the eyes on the brows display a sign of distress, fear, surprised or worried. The sudden change in lifting the eyebrows upwards express that individual is dealing with a complicated situation, or he/she is being surprised with some kind of news. When a person is stunned or amazed by a thing the brows raise in a surprising manner.

Open palms reveal a sort of positivity

The movements of hands play a role of voice within a personality. The open palms disclose the optimistic behavior of a person with others. The open hands are a gesture o welcoming with honesty, truth and allegiance. It is easier to judge a person with open palms as they reflect the sign of association and commitment. The individuals tend to use open palms to show they are not a threat to anyone.

The clenched jaws

To tighten the jaws in gathering or with a person reflects the stressful condition. The individual with clenching the jaws display the signs of distress and stress. The body actions say it all than words; it becomes easier to find a person in nervousness with examining this action. It also suggests the mind is somewhere else and a person is ensnared in his/her thoughts. The key is to watch the way of utterance of words and the body actions both are quite different from each other in stressful situations.

Real smiles display crinkle eyes

The smile is source of expressing happiness but if a person really enjoys the gathering and laugh out loud with crinkle eyes shows the genuine enjoyment and happiness. Some people just laugh and pass the time that shows those people are not really enjoying the company and display false smiles. To judge a personality who is seeking pleasure in your gathering, focus on their eyes when they are laughing.

Excessive nodding is a sign of approval and perplexing

The people nods when they are sure about something but sometimes when a person nods excessively shows that they are confused and bewildered. Moreover, some people nod their heads to impart a positive impression on others. Nodding again and again suggests the capacity of understanding is poor of a person as he/she is trying to cope up with the situations.


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