7 Ways to Deliver a Brilliant Presentation

Presentations have become the part of examination in the higher studies especially after intermediate. Mostly students lack confidence in delivering a presentation in front of class or a big audience. Now focus on the word ‘presentation’. What do you understand by it? Presentation refers presenting an idea. It is to tell maximum that can be shown and told about a particular topic. Do not hesitate to make a presentation because here you can learn 7 ways to deliver an impressive presentation.

  1. Build a connection.

Stand at the place where the whole class can see you. Don’t hide behind the rostrum. Building the connection is most important thing. You have to show the audience that you are well prepared. It is very important to look in the eyes of your teacher and other audience. You must study the nature of your class and how to counter them.

  1. Use understandable Language

Do you want to sound impressive? Stop using the words you are not clear about. Go with the flow; use very simple words so that the class can understand you. It is okay to be bilingual during a presentation unless it is your English class.  For other subjects start with simple English but explain your topic in your common language. The meaning of presentation is not to speak English but the presentations are held for delivering a message. The message must be very clear.

  1. Keep it Simple

The information shared during the presentation must not be very critical. The complicated presentations are very boring and difficult to hear. Talk about the most important points only. Keep your presentation short and simple.

  1. Start Strongly

The beginning of your presentation is the most important thing. Take a very strong start. Be loud and clear while you introduce yourself. Your voice must be audible till the last seats in the hall. Start your presentation with a smile and active body gesture.  You must not look confuse. Practice speaking in front of a mirror it actually helps to build confidence.

  1. Story telling

Our lives are full of interesting events. Start your presentation with an interesting story and link it with your topic. Stories grab attention very quickly. Add some humor in your presentation it brightens your topic and it seeks more attention of audience. Learn little jokes but do not go out of context. Give presentation like you are telling a story rather than just reading details.

  1. Body gestures

It is not only your mouth that speaks but your whole body speaks for you. Stand in a place where you can be seen clearly. Walk while you are talking. Your movement captures attention so use your hand movement.  Your body gestures are comprise three quarter of communication. It is important to express not only through talking but also moving. Eye contact is also very important body gesture.

  1. The 10,20 , 30 rule

The 10, 20, 30 rule is a complete guide for your presentations. It is important to make power point presentation as visual aid for you and for the audience. 10 is for the number of slides. Do not make more than 10 slides. 20 is for the time, do not speak for more than 20 minutes. 30 is for the font, the font you use in the slides must be larger than 30. This rule is given by Mr. Kawasiki from Apple.

Presentations give students a lot of scope for learning. It helps you sharpen your communication skills. Students learn how to talk in front of others. It helps to build confidence in you. Do not get afraid of presentation, enjoy it. The more you enjoy your presentation the more interesting it becomes for listeners. It is also very important to dress up properly for a presentation. Your dressing gives you more confidence and personality.


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