7 Ways to Deal with Troubles in life

We all deal with conflict in some form every day. The outcome of the conflict highly depends on how we deal with the conflict. If you try to deal with a conflict with positive approach then it will result in a positive experience along with that it will enhance your understanding and problem-solving skills. How to deal with any type of conflict that comes in their life through a guideline that has steps to follow.

1: Deal effectively with your anger and take a time to cool off

If you are too angry that you don’t are unable to understand your emotions or think straight, how will to ever be able to communicate and eradicate the conflict? Take time to gain some emotional distance, take deep breathes, try to understand the situation before trying to talk anything out. Try different things or get yourself busy to cool yourself down, take a walk, clear your desk and listen to good music. Some people calm their mind down and some need physical release do however you feel better before moving forward to the next step of talking. You are always able to control yourself and thus choose your response.

2: Set a positive tone:

Always set a positive tone when you want to talk or negotiate. If you’ll move forward with a negative tone it will end up as a mess, because the other person will use the same tone and it won’t help.

3: Discuss and define the problem:

Using “I” can allow you to express how you feel and you can put forward your point of view in a positive manner. If you start with “You” it always puts another person in a defensive mode. If you’re open for discussing a problem always put sarcasm, blame game, guilty trips aside. Or it will give birth to another conflict.

4: Listen and reflect:

Always listen to what other person has to say. When you listen to another person’s point of view it means that you care enough to listen to that person out. Reflective listening nurtures empathy.

5: Take responsibility:

Everyone has to take responsibility for their deeds. Rather than blaming each other, it’s better if everyone looks at their role in the conflict. Taking responsibility means the resolution is possible.

6: Brainstorm solutions and come up with one that satisfies both parties:

There are plenty of solutions to a single problem, try coming up to a solution where both the parties agree.

7: Acknowledge, forgive or thank:

You can still leave a positive impression by acknowledging the other person’s efforts to talk things out. By forgiving you can make a better path towards the future. Thanking other people and showing gratitude is what great people always do.

Bottling up emotions is never good for health. Try to communicate how you felt or what’s been bothering you with a positive tone and with well-chosen words, or otherwise, you’ll end up creating a conflict or hurting the other person. Don’t let negative feelings build up inside you. It’s everyone’s right to speak their heart out, let them talk and try to be a good listener it is a good habit to adopt.

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