7 Habits to Avoid while Speaking

When you meet someone what strikes you the most? Is it the outlook the person, the facial features or the qualification? All of these qualities can either stand out or shatter completely the minute you utter a word. No matter how good you look from outside if your speaking is not impressive your entire persona fails to stand out. Inversely your appearance becomes attractive with the way you speak no matter how simply you are dressed or how tall or short you are. Speaking is the key of communication and interaction. By speaking you portray what you are, what you feel and what you know.

Speaking is an art that needs to be handled carefully. There are seven deadly habits that make your conversation useless, it takes away all the impact of information you share because it does not sound important and influential.

  1. Gossip

Gossip is the worst of the habits. People that indulge in gossip look like a talking monsters that mean no benefit to anyone. Gossip creates misunderstandings between people and often results in fights and discomfort amongst people. If someone gossip about someone in front of you be sure that you will become the topic of gossip in front of someone else. These people are not trust worthy and people start avoiding them because of this habit. So never gossip about anyone and avoid this habit at maximum.

  1. Judging

Do not judge anyone. Judging everyone makes you look negative. We usually judge people based on what we see. We are never aware of complete facts and figures. People are judged based on their appearance mostly. Appearance is not the scale to judge anyone. Do not judge anyone while speaking, it will make you look negative and it is very difficult to listen to someone that speaks ill about other people.

  1. Negativity

Look at the brighter side. Do not criticize everything. If you only say negative things you look like a pessimist and no one is interested in listening to a passive and pessimist person. Talk about what is good rather than what is not. Speaking optimistically attracts people to listen.

  1. Complaining

It is alright to speak about what is wrong but the habit of complaining makes you look very negative. Complaining shows dissatisfaction. Your speech becomes irritating like you have nothing to say but complain about everything. Find reasons to satisfy you and only complain to the concern person rather than broadcasting it in front of everyone.

  1. Excuses

You must stop making excuses. People who do not accept their mistakes actually create scope of further more mistakes for themselves. If you have excuse for everything people will stop believing you even when you are right. Work on yourself rather than making excuses. Be brave to accept your mistakes because we always learn through making mistakes.

  1. Exaggeration

Do not exaggerate while you are speaking. Stick to the truth and be brief. It becomes very evident when you add lies in a story just to look impressive. The embroidery does not sound good to ears. Listen to yourself carefully when speaking so that you can stop yourself from going to unnecessary lengths.

  1. Dogmatism

It is the worst of speaking habits. Mixing facts with your opinion or presenting your opinion as facts. Have a broad mind and always be ready to accept the facts and truth rather than stubbornly standing on your opinion. We are mostly seen as molding truth towards what we believe. People with flexible speech and welcoming nature attract the ears of listeners.It was hard to listen to people imposing their opinions on others.

To make your speech impressive be honest, integral and always speak with authenticity. While speaking always wish well for others and maintain a positive attitude towards life.



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