6 ways to find yourself as a workaholic or homey

6 ways to find yourself as a workaholic or homey

In a simple way, we can measure in a way that we really found homey when we observe the lazy weekends.  On weekends we even really don’t want to wash our face and let all the day spent in our real pyjama mood on!

But in a profession, you have to word 6 to 5 day out of 7 days a week. In which you have to gallop the answer in a professional way. So let me assume your answers by the juggling questions over the professional field.

1.    How often you move to work and came back from work?

It is simply that on mostly Mondays the working mode is not that oath rated and we really don’t want to go to work and it is only possible on the mode when you have to complete the work on the base of the deadline so there you become an entrepreneur as to be the first to receive the award from the boss.

2.    If you get an utterly call for an action, what will you do if you are on the picnic point?

Owing to get the respect and promotion you will dare to attend the call but in the aspect of getting the orders and while with no promotion you will make that call a “bunking call”. The message, mail and a call will definitely won’t matter if your beliefs are not related to that call, message and mail mean.

3.    If you found sick on the morning will you take a rest or move to work?

Definitely, it depends upon the criteria of the rules of the organisation that how much they gave you the privilege of taking leaves. Because in most of the good organisations they annually give you 24 day of leave that can be availed within a year. And in some organisation, they give you only give you a relief of one holiday in a month on which they don’t deduct the salary. Otherwise, your salary is the privilege for them and they can do anything they want too.

4.    Boss assigns you a big task or project and gives you accessibility to pick helpers or coworkers upon your own. What you will do?

You can answer this question in a magnificent style and that is you will either take help to lower the burden or you will do the task yourself to prove yourself instead of carrying water over head. 

5.    Does your friend get surprised to see you outing instead of working?

For most instant reasons people when enters the profession their life is circled toward the Goth of work. In this way their friends feel surprised when they ever find them mere doing outing with them or separately. As if you don’t belong to the planet earth.

6.    What you do when you check your mails at mid-night?

People nowadays are very much found of mobiles and they are so much addicted with the mobiles that they are found of much nightmare explosion when they don’t find the mobile aside. It is merely true that people check their portfolios of social sites might be emails too, than, but I think they wouldn’t be that much naïve to clash the may be including reply back to the sender.

Above are the just reciprocal answers of some of the tactic questions that arose in our minds encouraging to develop sense that if are found of homey or workaholic.

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