5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

All of us have our own favorite weather and season. Some people like summers whereas, some people anxiously wait for winters every year.  The winter is beautiful yet tough weather to survive in.  The weather changes have already hit people with surprisingly low temperatures throughout Pakistan and snow falling at the northern area of Pakistan. The amusing yet difficult weather has lead to the sluggish lifestyles. People tend to stay indoors mostly and keep lying in their beds covered under multiple sheets.

The reason for people to fall ill in winters is that of their own laziness and carelessness. This winter, enjoy the weather but keep yourself hit. You can enjoy the weather in good health and fitness by following these tips.

  1. Why so tired

People commonly complain about being tired in winters. The body pains and headaches are experienced more in this weather. The reason for lethargic body and tiredness is the lack of sunlight and disturbed sleeping patterns.To overcome tiredness you must make sure to at least spend an hour in sunlight. The Vitamin D in Sunlight helps to boost our energy and mood whereas; the heat also reduces the tension of the muscles resulting in a better and relaxed body.

The headaches are the symbol of the lack of proper sleep. The haphazard routines in winter causes anxiety as our body get deprived of proper time of sleeping. Make sure to set one-bed time for yourself. You must sleep for at least 6 hours straight. Here it is also very important that to know that oversleeping puts adverse effects on a person’s health. You must not sleep more than 8-9 hours a day.

  1. The Fruits and vegetables

When the weather outside is freezing and dark we tend to stay inside and we crave for our own comfort foods. People enjoy eating fast food and junk food to enjoy the time. It is okay to have comfort foods sometimes but avoiding healthy diet will lead to an unhealthy mind and body. Winters bring many juicy and delicious fruits with it. The oranges, tangerines, pomegranate, apples and many other fruits grace the market's shelves.

You must take maximum advantage of the weather and have at least two servings of fruits a day. The green and other vegetables are also very important for you to consume at least twice a week. The consumption of fruits and vegetables help to keep your mind, stomach, and body healthy.

  1. Drink more milk

Our body temperature shifts throughout the day in winters. The cold spreads in our body very quickly that is why we keep taking hot beverages to keep ourselves warm. Dairy products are full of proteins and calcium which helps in to quickly repair the damaged cells of body and brain. So add milk to your beverages so that you can get warm and healthy at the same time. It also provides you with Vitamin A and B12.

  1. A complete breakfast

If you feel weak and timid the most possible reason for it is improper or no breakfast. We mostly skip breakfast in our hasty lifestyle or limit it to a cup of tea or coffee. The body requires fuel to function. Healthy and complete breakfast works as the energy fuel for the body.

Be very vigilant about breakfast and consider it a sin to skip breakfast. In winters it is very important for you to keep yourself filled with energy.

Good breakfast in winters can be with oat and porridge. You can select the breakfast according to your choice. 2 boiled eggs and oats provide people with ample energy to function properly.

  1. Share Love

At last, it is also very important and healthy to share time and love with your family and friends. Plan small get together outside and inside with the valuable people in your life. The change in monotony and sharing good time results in better mental health. it helps you to function better. The weather is perfect for amazing moments.

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