5 ways to keep your laptop heat-less this summer

5 ways to keep your laptop heat-less this summer

Most of the times over laptops just run out of space being a hot oven when we make worth mood to play game or anxiously grasp it to watch movie of choice. But all in vain because it’s smoking fire angrily.

It is all because of our own cause and that is we might not giving it enough space of letting it cool. It is no doubt harmful for you and for your health too, if you’re not letting it to cool.

So to solve this problem, some of the laptop companies have invented fans and heat vents for the gadgets to work smoothly. However in Pakistan the heat wave of summer is robbing us of that convenience.

Here are some of the tips or ways that will help your laptop for avoiding overheating and damaging.

Don’t put laptops on uneven spaces:

While using laptop don’t put them on your lap it blocks the air vents which then trap the heat inside your laptop/notebook. So keep your gadget on the place which would allow it to remove heat. Place it on a table or you can use a book as a stand but do make it sure that it does not block air space.

Buy a fan or a cooling pad:

You can buy a cooling pad or fan on a budget and then for guidance on can watch youtube tutorials for DIY for laptop. Another option can be made on a cheapest wage by placing a standing or a pedestal fan near your laptop.

Clean you notebook inside/outside:

Dust is the enemy of all the product even human health too. It is harmful for your gadget if the pollution or dust gather inside the electronic gadget then the blockage of the air flow takes place and in mean time it will cause damage to your product. Get it service through the person or the company repair shop after every two months. If you are out of budget then you can clean it yourself. Use a compressor to spray around the air burst inside the vents. You can also use a hairdryer for cleaning purpose. Otherwise it is best to concern the repair shop.

Adjust the settings:

Reduce workload on your laptop it will also help to lower temperature. Use power saver as it decreases the actions of your gadget which will reduce heat issues. Here you can also help to reduce heat:

By lowering brightness of screen

Remove unnecessary USB devices

Closing different tabs

Leaving it Idle:

Do give your laptop a rest so it could cool. Turning it on and off frequently is underestimating the heat show. That is if you turn your laptop for quick edit on Microsoft word or for checking mail, then you should leave it for sometimes.




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