5 Ways to Improve Writing Skills

By Farzeen Amin


Writing is a compulsory part of our academics. The written papers help us secure the most marks in our examination. Our writing skills are the key to better grades as well as better professions. The writing skills are as important as speaking skills in the professional life as well. Most of us do not know how to how to improve the writing skills. There are 5 simple steps to follow to improve writing skills.


  1. Develop the habit of reading.

For writing an impressive piece what we need the most is words. The vocabulary used in a passage marks the difference between good average and bad. So how will your brain know the new words?   You have to start reading to get new and better words to be used.  Mostly students find reading as a boring activity. There is a trick to curb the boredom. Just pretend to be reading. Open your book and start looking at pages read one or two lines and keep moving the pages. This simple activity helps to activate your brain and you eventually start reading. Speed reading is also beneficial when it comes to gathering words. Remember that all good writers were actually good readers.

  1. Read Out loud.

We mostly do not like loud voices and loud noise but we feel uncomfortable because the brain responses quickly to any loud voice. Make a practice to read a news paper. Just pick one simple article and read it out loud. When you are reading loudly you can hear your own voice and each word you utter clearly. The words start to make sense eventually. You will notice that only after one week of this practice you will have new words in your vocabulary. It is healthy to note difficult words afterwards to check their meaning.

  1. Write a short Passage daily

The reading practices will only be affective if the newly learnt words are used by you. Give only 15 minutes to this practice daily. Think of a simple topic to write on. Write ten to 15 lines about it and then also read it out loud. This is the best practice to do and it does not take the whole day to write 15 lines about anything. Eventually you will enjoy using the fresh vocabulary. You can also practice it with your fellows or siblings because it is more like a game.

  1. Developing writing speed

While attempting an exam paper the writing speed counts a lot. Some subjects require lengthy answers and students cannot complete their answers on time. Your brain can be trained to work according to the need to time. No one is born with an increased write speed but it is built with practice. The best practice for creating writing speed is by writing. Ask a fellow to read the text book or any other text. You will have to listen carefully and try to match with the speed of dictator. Dictation helps to train a person not only to write in speed but also to remember important points. If will be difficult for you to match the speed in first few days but do not give up. Continue this practice and your writing skills will be improved.

  1. Be Current

Lastly, the most effective writing technique is to be current. It helps in both academic and professional writing. Be aware of the current scenario. You must know the latest developments about anything that you are writing about. If you are writing about any subject you must know what has recently been added to it. The world diversifies every day and the figures about it also change. The new researches reject the old ones. Do not live in the past while writing. The accuracy of facts and figures makes your writing informative and impressive. To stay current read latest editions of the books and keep an eye on the news daily.




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