5 Ways to Deliver an Impressive Speech

When you stand on the podium to deliver a speech you experience massive energy. Every action you make and every word you speak has to go in a flow. From the frequency of your voice to every small gesture of body makes your speech sound impressive or boring.  It is an art to handle massive audience who is directly attentive towards you. There is nothing to fear if you are going to deliver a speech follow these easy tips for an impressive speech.

  1. Write your own speech

Do not ask a teacher or a mentor to write speech for you. The words you write by your self are easily understandable for you. While speaking in front of audience you mustmake a connection with them. The foreign words would sound like you are narrating someone else’s work like a parrot; it will lack the important emotion and gestures. If you think that someone has better skill of speech writing, rewrite the words you do not properly understand. Try to use simple but impactful words.

  1. The use of  tone

Speech is not reading beautiful lines from a paper. No matter what is written in a paper and how much impactful word and sentence structure is used. If your voice does not go a long with the emotion of your words then the whole effort of writing the speech goes in vain. Connect with your words your voice must show that you mean what you are saying. It is important to change the loudness of your voice according to situation to keep the audience connected.

  1. The body gesture

Your body speaks along with your mouth. Your hand movement your facial expressions justify the words uttered by you. Remember not to look down. Do not look at your feet while you are standing on a podium for your speech. In fact look at the people. Try to connect with as many people as you can. The hand movements make you more visible. The moving objects are more attention seeking than the idle ones, so it is better to move from one side of the stage to other while you are giving speech.

  1. Tell a story

Speech is about how many people are attracted to your words. The story telling way is very attractive way of capturing the attention of your audience. If your speech is based on a famous personality such as Allama Iqbal or Quaid e azam, start your speech with a brief story of their life. Find an interesting event of the life of that person and then relate it to your speech.

  1. Use quotation and poetry

A good phrase from famous poems is a treat for the ears of listeners. Use more lines of famous poet and build a connection of it with your own words. The quotations from famous writers also leave a good impact on the audience.


Finally convey a message through your words. Do not give a speech just for the sake of winning in fact believe in your words. The words we convey to others are the agent of change. Try to bring positive change in the society with every effort you can make.


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