5 Ways to Avoid Distraction during Studies

by Farzeen Amin

Do you feel distracted while studying? Is it difficult for you to concentrate on your studies? The student’s life is hoarded with the assignments, tests and home works from the educational institutions yet students avoid starting the work eventually the load of pending work makes it very difficult for them to concentrate on the work. Once a person starts working even then multiple distractions stand in their way of studies and they cannot complete their tasks resulting in bad grades and even failure. There are although some affective ways to avoid distraction during studies.

  1. Build a Morning routine.

To wake up early in the morning has many benefits. Praying and meditating early in the morning helps to start a better day. It is the best time to avoid unnecessary engagements and distractions. Wake up early morning and start by jotting down the important tasks you have to perform during the day. Remember not to put a lot of burden on yourself in one day. Divide the time accordingly. Divide the topics in sub topics and set time for them. Once you are done with it, start with the first session but remember to make good breakfast before it.

  1. Stay away from your mobile.

Mostly activities between friends and family start in the late hours of afternoon or in the evening so you can avoid your phones in the morning easily. Make sure not to check your emails, chats or social wbsites early in the morning it will destroy the whole day routine. The mobile phone is the biggest distraction so keep it on silent in a drawer away from you or in the other room. It is better to switch it off. Make a habit of wearing a watch. It will help you keeping track of time and it will end your excuse of checking time on your phone. Wearing a watch also gives you a professional attitude it helps you to keep your focus on your task.

  1. The importance of first session

It is very important to keep the first session at the shortest time so that you don’t get tired in the beginning. Completing the short task in a short period it provides you a positive start. If you can complete one task you can complete the other tasks as well. Your first session must not be longer than 30 minutes whereas is must not be shorter than 25 minutes. Take a break for 5 to 10 minutes after every session. It is important not to use mobile or watch TV during this break.

  1. Boosting energy

During the break time the healthiest thing to do is easy exercises. Go for a small walk outside or inside the house. Keep a skipping rope by your side. Walking, running and jumping keeps your body alert thus you do not feel bored and tired. Exercises increase the blood flow which also helps in boosting brain and mental activity. You can also take small meal during the break it will also keep you energized. It is best to keep almonds or any other nut on the side of your study table. Almonds also help in better memorize things.

  1. Make a routine for complete day

Mostly students only include study hours in the time table for the day. It creates a feeling that you are only studying and not doing any other thing in a whole day it makes your day seem very hectic without any entertainment. Make a better time table include hours for other activities such as watching television, using social media and going outside. Give your entertainment ample time so that you know you will have enough time for other activities and you will able to solely concentrate on your studies during study hours.


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