5 Ways knowing how Pakistani women are judged by people

5 Ways knowing how Pakistani women are judged by people

We all know that Pakistan slime under the banner and state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But in actual it’s a categorized as the ‘Dominion of Pakistan’ because it represents multiple cultures and multi-ethical societies within a state. After its foundation, people were divided into provinces and hence through that time different cultures flourished under one state knowing Pakistan as the democratic state of the world.

People practice their own traditions, customs, and norms following the area they are settled in. After the sparkling of different cultures, people adopt modesty with the passage of time and technology too.

Now what happened next is going to discuss here in a magnifying way. We know people love to judge and over complementing the good stuff they love the hypocrisy more over goodness.

 A society is structured in the different mode of standards. Some people lay in elite, some in middle and majority in average and low. Either it’s a male or female both are criticized over their dressings and looks. For example, nowadays, the trend is been followed up by many females that they don’t duo over wearing “Dupatta” not only on the head but in the neck too. So, what? It’s their life and their choice to take “Dupatta” or not, you are not allowed to judge their character just on not wearing “dupatta”.

Believe me, it’s soundless and humorless to judge women’s character as a slut on the basis of jeans, top, and without a dupatta. Okay! Now moving forward you know a girl is a place of discussion more over a woman. She encounters various judgments as from walking on the road, in the market, in an interview after that in job placement and in last on the selection of marriage proposal. To be addressed spoken clearly, we are sigma of fire and aggression because we speak on those little clingy things that could boost in the society but we don’t like to talk about the stuff and cases like acid attacks, child abuse, marriages with oldest ones, dowry, violence against women, harassments and assaulting because these are the easy and fleshy topics of getting amusement.

Let’s see how women are eradicated crucial judgment in our society:

  • Physical Appearance:

In our society it the favorite job of the people that they love to compare one with another. For God sake, it’s not a girls fault if she doesn’t have blue eyes, fair complexion with the edged nose. But she will be compared to such unethical misfortune collaboration that she has flat feet, a flat nose and a dark complexion. Does anyone thing of themselves that what if they were replace by her with the same features you are criticizing right now! Do anybody? Nah! You won’t either never will think of it because you think that you are admired with the beacon beauty from nature. But do think once with a soft heart that everything we admire through the external beauty is not the exact beauty, but what worth internally is the real beauty.

  • Sects:

We love to know each other through the sects and we desperately get interconnected on such bases, though, we also identify a girl on the basis of caste as it she is a Siddique then she will be definitely beautiful, if she is Bihari then she will be clever, while memoon as kunjoos.

  • Make-up addiction:

Our society has made so many complications by themselves that they don’t knew that those complications are not only going to be faced by other girls but the daughter, sister, and mother of their own-self too. Society had made confidence to the lowest level by putting the code that “looks matter a lot” hence diverted them into complexity. She won’t be able to get accepted if she will not look pretty by wearing a flour on face. On the other hand, I asked the same question from different good looking girls, literally who even don’t need a liner to put on to make their eyes look big, as said that they like to do make-up, some said it boost their confidence, some said that they do makeup for them self because they love make up while few said if I won’t do make up I won’t get selected for the marriage proposal as won’t be liked by anybody because of blur features. What a ridiculous code has been flourished by our society on our girls that had put many girls life on risk and complexity.

  • Dressing:

We have stereotyped dressing in many outrageous sense, as if a girl wear western dress than she’s definitely would be the one with bold character and her daddy has the most stubborn daughter. Whereas (not defaming from religious point of view) I have seen many girls wearing abayas and burqa making the world foul while sitting in the parks with the guys and enjoying popcorns.

  • Girls are mess creator!

Oh! I mean really they are the real bullshit to create hypocrisy in the society or did they meant you to possess in their life. I mean seriously, if a couple get divorced people criticize girl not boy because she is born to face “Musibatien or Azmaishey”. Because she born to tolerate and suffer whatever wrong is going in place she has to pay and earn by herself.  

We should come up at least with a little modesty by giving equal rights to both the genders at least in the marital status. We should let the girls to achieve their goals despite of knocking them at home in for wall room.

Note: I’m not a feminine but a philanthropist who urges society/societies to behave equally with the women.


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