5 tips to nail the perfect look on Eid this year!

5 tips to nail the perfect look on Eid this year!

Eid is one of the heartedly and bestowed occasion to celebrate for Muslims all around the globe. All the people seek liberty to the wholehearted celebration. The festival remains to be celebrated for 3-days on which everyone is liable to share happiness. On such festival, special food is cooked at home and dine in restaurant. Children collect Eidi (money, gifts) from adults while everyone wears their new and best outfits. While taking talking about the outfits of Eid, well it makes the hardest decision of choosing the best dress for ourselves to look the best of all.

As all wants to get the best compliments on Eid so it makes difficult for everyone to select the outfit for themselves. It all seems as a race after the 15th Roza as everyone is the ace of shopping towards the best brands and locals for shopping. Including me, I want to look best in the desired outfit that I shopped for days and weeks in the month of Ramadan. Especially, for Pakistani, it is not an easy deal to look perfect as all the salons and parlours get booked before the Eid days. After all, we are going to meet up so many people, therefore, looking perfect in the best-treated looks never fail to impress. But what makes us more frustrated beside the joy of Eid is that there are so many choices on each and every stuff to endure like accessories, shoes, make-ups and of course dress but none compels you so easily. As there is so much choice and you also have to look-up your pocket. Budget is one more thing to consult while choosing the best outfit sometimes rates out of reach and coming towards average makes our zeal low towards Eid. But still, we have to manage our deals to nail as #myeidlook.

So don’t get fed up just get some tactics from the tips below to cover you extreme best look on Eid which will turn your game of looks.

1. Makeup on point

People must keep in their mind that their skin tone plays a vital role here. Be sure not to conflict your skin tone with your makeup. Let the makeup blend according to your complexion. You need a smooth, neat and light makeup to hale on the Eid days because the days are hotter more and as there are more chances of makeup melts. So try a natural and light makeup according to your dress otherwise you can deal the heavy makeup with the cool air of AC.

  • Choice of best Outfit tops everything

There are multiple ranges of brands with their branded prices so don’t get out of mind by buying high ranges of the outfit. There are multiple affordable brands on which you can count on, let me relate some of the good choices to make on which you can count on like Ethnic by Outfitters, Edenrobe’s, Limelight, beech tree are some good boutiques to shop in for the fine dress of choice.  

  • Well-equipped accessories:

Choose the accessories that match the scheme colors of your clothes. Choose to wear bangles or bracelet and necklace with pendants and earing that matches your dress. You can buy elegant stuff of accessories of DIY as they have the huge range of eye ponding accessories.

  • One, two, buckle my Shoes (haha)

Shoes make two results and that are win or fail. If you want to admire heart tickling compliments on shoes for the Eid look that make sure that your shoes are on point with your dress. Make sure that whatever you shoes worth up to it should be compiled with the dress and one more thing, it should scream elegance.

  • Hair on point

Get your hair done perfectly for the Eid look because hair is the main core of personality. Try hairstyles beforehand, again letting them consult with your outfit as if goes with the outfit or not.

So these are some of the points that hopefully will benefit you. Make sure to watch some tutorials on Youtube for perfect makeup looks and hairstyles to give your best shot in Eid Days.


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