5 Tips for Personality Development

Personality is a combination of overall characteristics a person possesses. Each person is born unique with different features and grows up with different set of capabilities. Everyone is beautiful and skillful in their own way. While admitting that each person is amazing in their own way, we must also understand that we can adopt and learn new things with time. Our personality is not rigid but can be modified and upgraded with new set of skills and development of new traits.

  1. Understand the meaning of Personality

What comes in your mind when you hear the word personality? Is it facial feature, complexion and looks? If yes then you are wrong. Personality is an umbrella term that covers the overall characteristics of a person. Personality consists appearance, behavior, attitudes, education, values and above all the way we response to certain situations. You might not have a control over your facial feathers but you have a control over other features of your personality.

For developing a better personality at first you have to understand the broad spectrum of your personality. Behavior and attitude goes side by side in your life. The positive attitude towards life will automatically formulate better behavior. What you learn in old books about the manners and techniques to address others are the best learning techniques. So formulate a humble attitude, give love to younger and respect to elders.

The way you respond on different situations highlight who you are, as a person. Here you are not asked to control every natural reaction but learn to control your reactions in controlled situations. You cannot have a uniform behavior in front of your friends, family and official gathers. You must learn to change and adopt according to the situation.

  1. What to Wear?

Sense of dressing is one of the most important factors in developing your personality. Here are not asking you to wear expensive dresses but sensible dresses. Learn the difference between formal, semi formal, official and casual dressing. You can be a simple or funky person by nature but you cannot go to attend your class in PJs.

Your dressing enhances your personality either it will make you look like a professional person or a careless person. Your clothes also boost your confidence when you are dressed up according to the event. When you go to take class try to wear sensible clothes don’t be over casual and do not wear party dresses at class. The office has its own decorum follow it.

We admire and appreciate individual styles and preferences but understanding of the proper dressing helps to highlight you as a person.

  1. Be Yourself

All of us grow up admiring some other influential people. We want to become like them but we mistakenly start coping them. Idolizing and coping are completely too different things, do not copy anyone blindly. You have your own personality you must embrace it. Appreciate it and love it. Be yourself as you indeed are the most beautiful creation of Allah. Groom your positives and learn to overcome your weakness. Do not consider yourself as inferior to any person. No one is born perfect and you have to work hard to polish your own strengths. So to develop a better personality you must be yourself.

  1. Create a Social Circle

Developing a personality is of no use if you do not know anyone and you do not have anyone to talk to. To be successful you must present yourself in front of others in a way that they admire and appreciate you. So do not shy away from interacting with others. Take part in the social forums where you can have more opportunity to communicate with others.

Your language skills improve by communication. You can learn new words and new ways of interacting in formal and informal setups. You will feel uncomfortable and shy for once when start talking to people especially if you are not a talkative person but life is about getting out of your comfort zones and face the world. Here we are not advising you to talk unnecessarily at all. You must know when to speak and where to speak.Make yourself known and develop a social circle it will eventually develop your over all personality.

  1. No success without Failure

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The saying is gives you the best advice for developing better personality. If are always afraid to take risks and do new things because we fear failure but remember that there is no success without failure. To develop a set of new skills you must try to do new things all together. Face your fears, defeating your fears will help you be more confident. So do whatever you want to do. Give a try to your crazy dreams and live it as either you will succeed or you will learn there is no failure in life. Failure only preside in your mind in real word there is only learning.

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