5 tips for better Mental Health

The health is mostly only seen as the proper body functioning. The brain and its activities are typically not included in the paradigm of health where as it is the vital part of the body which regulates over all functioning of a human. The mental health includes psychological, social and emotional well being of a person. It is our mental health which decides whether we will be able to perform throughout the day or out. The mental health depicts how we react, perceive, feel and act.

The mental building of children is very important, as the early life of a person shapes the overall personality. The parents must be very careful during the first 11 years of a child’s life which are crucial for the development of brain and concepts. The mentally healthy person has an positive and optimistic approach in life which provides the strength to overcome stressors and it also contributes in confidence development.

The unhealthy mind leads towards the leading of hopelessness and helplessness, the pessimism and negativity derived leads to tragic and unpleasant events such as aggression, drug abuse, physical abuse and in severe cases it ends with self harm. The students must focus on the mental health to handle the daily challenges and daily stress. Here we are suggesting you 5 ways for better mental fitness.

  1. Eat Well

Just like your body our brain needs energy to function properly, the unhealthy eating habits lead to disturbed supply of energy to brain causing mental issues. It might not sound very serious to most of us but mental disorders are not only caused by stress, tension and hardships but our food makes a great difference.

We must eat the food that supports the mental activities, such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin b, vitamin B complex, Vitamin E etc keeps the brain functioning properly.

In this regard egg, green vegetables and nuts good food for your brain

  1. Move it

The body and mind works in coordination with each other, unhealthy body leads to weak mind and unhealthy mind leads to affected body functionality. Mind and body supports each other so it is must to keep both of them healthy. The daily exercises here help both body and mind to work properly.

Small exercises daily such as brisk walk for 20-30 minutes, jogging, or any other cardio increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout your body and brain. Oxygen fights any damage to the break and helps it staying healthy. Exercising also helps to burn the excessive or negative energy in the body.

  1.  Healthy Stomach

Stomach sends the signals to the brain about the health of body. The chemical imbalance in the stomach causes severe mental issues. To keep the stomach healthy you must eat plenty of fiber in your food and digest the food you eat in time. You must also regulate the timing of taking food. Late night munching makes it difficult the stomach to do proper digestion.

  1. Cut- down the stress

Our mind is like a child which needs extra attention and pampering. It is wrongly said that facing all the fears keep the brain healthy, as the matter of fact it is okay to avoid the unnecessary things that leads to stress such as particular social gathering which includes people you do not like or places which causes stress, where as it is very important to learn to overcome the fears which are affecting your progress and development. To cut the stress you must learn to console yourself. Tell yourself that it okay and you can deal with it. Do not allow small failures and pressures to leave lasting impact on your brain.

  1. Sleep Well

While you are asleep all the damages in your brain are being repaired and fixed, it is like treatment time for your brain. It is must for you to take minimum 6 and maximum 8 hours sleep in a day. The deprivation of sleep causes serious damages to your mind and disturbs its functioning as whole.

It is also important to note here that sleeping more than required  also demages the brain and makes it negative and passive so no matter how tired you feel wake up after you  have taken sleep for 8 hours.




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