5 tips for better grip on English

  1. Think in English

Everything we do starts with a thinking process. We plan our activities and day routines inside our mind before starting it. Have you noticed that when you think about anything you can actually hear your voice? I might sound filmy but it actually happens.

The learning process starts by thinking as well. To have better grip on any language you just start thinking in it. Try to plan your day in English. Try to evaluate your problems in English. You will get to know that there is a lot that you already know about the language. The language we use in our thinking process start to become casual for us, so you can break the ice inside your mind it becomes easy for you to break the ice outside. From today and onwards start to think in English.

  1. Fluency

It is very important to create fluency while you are speaking. The grammar and accuracy are more important when you are writing a an exam paper but when it comes to speaking the more you will think it will confuse. Make sure that you do not stop in between a sentence while you are speaking. The grammar mistakes can eventually be corrected once you establish the fluency. The more fluent you speak the more confident you look. It is note worthy here that by speaking fluently we do not mean quickly. Here the fluency means that you must complete one sentence in one go but the words you speak must be clear and understandable.

  1. Be your Companion

Who are you most comfortable in talking with? I think all of us are most comfortable with our own selves as we have no fear to be embarrassed and judged. Now what is it to do with English? While you are talking to yourself always talk in English. The more you will talk the easier it will become for you to talk to others as well. Here talking out loud helps the most. Whenever you are alone at home or any other place speaks aloud with yourself. You can imagine being any other character. If you’re doing any home chore such as laundry, cooking, cleaning imagine you are on a TV show and start giving directions in English. This way you can have fun as well as learn better language. You can also read any book out loud and explain it to yourself. Listening to yourself makes you learn better words and delivery of the words.

  1. Time for the twist

You can bring a new twist in your practice with the “Tongue Twisters”. The lines with frequent use of same sounding words or the lines which are difficult to speak at once are the tongue twisters. They are actually not very easy to get a grip on. You have to continuously keep practicing them. The more fluent and accurate you become in a tongue twister the better you become at speaking the common lines to be used in speaking. So try to say “she saw a sea shell on the sea shore” can you say it quickly 10 times if not keep trying. Also say” betty bought a butter but the butter was bitter so she bought a better butter to fix the bitter butter”. There are so many other tongue twisters you can get from the books can internet.

  1. Listen and Repeat

You must listen to what you are speaking. It is good to record the conversation you make with yourself while the practice. Now listen to yourself over and over again to correct the words you spoke wrong. You will also notice that slowly you will stop less in between the sentences and the fluency will help you get more confidence in your speech. You should also listen to other audio and video people talking, now try to imitate them. The better you listen the more it will help you to speak better.


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