5 things To Avoid During Exams

By Farzeen Amin

  1. Do not try new books

While you are preparing for your examination do not pile up books on your study table. Start with one good book and stick to it. Many books are being offered for the preparation of same subjects. The content in the books are more or less same with a little difference of language. Some books offer a little bit latest content but the facts and figures remain same. It is always better to use the latest edition of a book to start your preparation with but stick to any book you have started with. Switching to different books causes confusion and it also wastes plenty time. Do not care about which book your friends and fellows are using.

  1. Do not ask your friend about their preparation.

Group study is a healthy activity but during exams it is better to concentrate on your own studies solely. We all know that studying with friends is more about having fun than actually preparing for exams. While you are going in steady pace of preparation do not ask your fellows about their preparation at all. Their answer will leave a deep impact on your concentration. If for say you are on chapter 3 and your friend has completed 6 chapters your morale will quickly fall and you will become stressed. This stress will not let you study properly. In the inverse situation if for say you are on chapter 6 and your friend is on chapter 3 it will make you too relax. The relaxation will end your concentration towards studies. So it is best to mind your business during exams.

  1. Do not postpone your studies

The prep leaves for examination starts mostly before 2 to 3 weeks before examination. This is the most common practice of students that they do not study in the complete term and burden themselves in the last days. Do not postpone your studies it is best to regularly revise the course you have completed in class. When the prep leave starts do not waste a single day. Studying every day will shed the burden and you will be more concentrated because of no stress. Make a time table and divide your course in the available days to comfortably complete your course in time.

  1. Take care of your health

The healthier you are the better you perform. Do not eat junk or fast food. You cannot afford putting your health in danger during exams. Eat the food made at home. Try to eat lighter meals that are easily digestible. The outside food can cause indigestion to food poisoning. Try to stay safe. Do not go outside unnecessarily because any injury will also put your performance in danger.

  1. Do not over sleep

We often hear that it is necessary to take good sleep before exam so that your brain stays active. This good sleep is often mistaken will a long sleep. Sleeping for more than 6 to 7 hours can actually make you sluggish and lethargic. It is best to relax your mind after completing the course and if anything is left leave it. Do not read anything new before you sleep. Tension and stress will not let you sleep anyway so stay as calm as possible. Take a good sleep of 6 hours and wake up early. Try to pray or do simple exercise before going for exam it will keep you and your brain active and positive.


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