5 Simple Ways to Save Water

Water is one of the biggest blessings of Almighty Allah. A living being cannot survive more than three days without water yet there are hundreds and thousands of people fighting for survival in the water scarce areas like the desert of Thar. We use to watch news about the under developed states of Africa where people were dying because of malnutrition and shortage of water now the shortage of water is knowing doors of every house in many cities of Pakistan. The situation is alarming and we need to take every precaution to save ourselves and the coming generations.

  1. Clever Laundry

We waste gallons of water just to wash few clothes. It is our practice to keep water running over the clothes until the whole floor gets wet with it. we use a lot of detergent that takes time and more water to get washed off the clothes. Be intelligent and use less detergent. Soak your clothes in a bucket an hour before you wash them. It is easier to rub off the stains of already soaked clothes. Using less detergent will keep your clothes fresh for longer this way you can also save water. It is a very simple way by which you can contribute in saving water. Do not leave water running in pipes and tabs. Be watchful of how much water has been used.

  1. Less Utensils

Use lesser Utensils while you are cooking. Every mother teaches children to be efficient in kitchen. The young girls and boys are very messy while they try to cook something. Be wise do not use many plates and bowls for one purpose. As many utensils you will use it will take more and more water to wash them. It is better to empty the dishes and clean them with a little soapy water before you open the tap for washing them. This is also a matter of common sense but we do not realize how important it is for actually start using smart ways to save water.

  1. One bucket for one work

If you do not have a bucket at your house then you must buy one. Try to use one bucket for one work. For example try to use only bucket for cleaning the floors if you use efficiently one bucket water is enough to properly clean the floors of a standard size house. One bucket of water is more than enough for washing your car and motor cycle so change the habit of wasting water for cleaning purposes.

  1. Close the Tab

Every morning we brush our teeth but what we don’t notice is that we leave the tabs open while brushing and we unintentionally keep playing with the water. You we collect the water we waste in those 2 to 3 minutes it is more than half bucket of water. 6 to 10 glasses of water that gets wasted while you are not even using it. So close the tab while you are brushing your teeth.

  1. Smaller showers

It is good to start the day by taking shower but the showers also run gallons of water to waste drains. Shut the shower off while rinsing shampoo in your hair or soaping your body open shower again to wash the shampoo and soap off properly. Don’t plan your whole day while you are in shower because the water you are wasting is very expensive.

The ideas for saving the water might seem very simple but these simple steps can make a huge difference if adopted by all of us. Every individual has a role to play for the betterment of our society. Save Pakistan from the water crisis and spread the messages to the masses.



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