5 Ruthless Leaders in the History of World

The world has been many great leaders who are followed and praised by the people under their regime. The leaders play crucial role in shaping and reshaping the overall picture of the global political structure. It started from anarchy to monarchy and after several revolutions the global politics became democratic, communist and republic. There were some leaders who ruled the world through their wisdom and others with fear and power. The list is a reminder of 5 ruthless leaders in the history of world.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan or commonly known as Chinggis Khaan was born in 1162. His reign started from 1206-1227. He was the founder of Mongol Empire which became famous for its rough and ruthless invasions. He united the diverse tribes from Northeast Asia to create one nomadic tribe. The nomads were known for not staying at one place but conquering every state that comes in its way.

Genghis Khan life is filled with interesting stories, it is told that his father died because of poisoning when he was only 9 and spent young years of his life in enslavement. After conquering of huge chunk of Central Asia and China he became merciless.

Genghis Khan is known to have killed one of the the most number of people in the  history in and outside a battle. He has used unskillful humans as a shield in the war where as he was also accused of mass slaughter of civilians.


Timur historically known as Amir Timur or Tamerlane.  He got birth in Barlas , Uzbekistan on 9 April 1336. His reign started from 1370-1405. Timur gave rise to the Timur dynasty in Persia and Central Asia. He emerged as the most powerful Muslim leader in the Muslim world after he had defeated Mamluks of Egypt and Syria.

Timur was known for his Ruthlessness. In the present day Afghanistan he made the towers from the alive Human bodies.  He constructed several minarets from Human heads of 70,000 people.

Queen Mary I

Queen Mary, commonly known as bloody Mary was the  Queen of England and Ireland. The deadly tenure starts from 1553 to 1558. The English Reformation had started in the reign of King Henry VIII which was aggressively retaliated by the Queen. She executed many protestants to secure  the position of Roman Catholicism. She was given the title of bloody mary because of the excessive and brutal executions of the opposition. Her deadly reign ended with her death in 1558.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was born on 18 December 1878. He was a soviet leader of the Communist party. His reign starts from 1922  to 1953. Stalin was the force behind the speedy industrialization of USSR. He forced people to work in the starving conditions. He imprisoned thousands and millions of people in concentration camps who are treated brutally. Joseph Stalin is usually remembered as a terrible person who was not aware of anything close to mercy and love.

In World War II his son was captured by German army, he refused to give Field Marshal Paulus for the return of his son by saying that he cannot trade a Field Marshal for an ordinary soldier. Stalin was one of most ruthless leaders of the world.

Adolf Hilter

The merciless regime of Adolf Hitler started in 1933 and ended in 1945 with the end of second world war. The most deadliest world war II is said to be caused because of German aggression. Hilter had always believed that German belong to the master race which he termed as Aryans. He believed that the weaker races must be killed so he kept sending the Jews ,Slavs, Gypsies and the opposition political  leaders to the concentration camps where they were either worked to death or had to work for their whole life.

There are multiple reports that claim that during the regime of Adolf Hitler in Germany approx. 11 million people were brutally killed.

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