5 Most Power States of the world

  1. United States of America

United States of America is known as the super power of the world. Comprising 52 states United States of America has a very large territory. US always had a very strong impact in the world politics especially after World War II.  US have the world’s largest economy especially due to its entertainment industry. The Hollywood movies are seen and appreciated throughout the globe collecting a great capital for US. The military power of US is questionably best in the world. With the greatest numbers of warheads and nuclear weapons America is world’s most powerful state. United States is one of the founding states of United Nations Organization. Right now US is headed by Donald Trump.

  1. Russia

Russia was one of the leading states in World War I and world war II. Former Soviet Union was broken into pieces after the end of cold war between US and USSR. Russia was divided to many central Asian states. Russia till date has the largest territory in the world. Russia is the second most powerful state because of its natural resources. It has world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves. Russia is a permanent member of United Nations Organization. Russia has very large storage of nuclear weapons and war heads. Russia is currently headed by powerful leadership of Vladimir Putin.

  1.  China

China has the largest population of the world creating the greatest number of labour power. China is the second largest economy of the world. In the past 3 decades china has develop into the fastest growing economy. China is the biggest competitor of United States of America. With the largest budget allocated to military china has created advanced weapons of combat. China is the only state to create a silk route for the trade purposes. CPEC is also part of the Silk Road route to connect all the trade routes. It is also believed that China is creating ports in different part of Asia for military purpose to counter India and America. China has the world’s largest exporting state. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping china is emerging as strong super power.

  1. United Kingdom

The Great Britain or United Kingdom was the largest colonial empire in the time of colonization. UK now comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is the most developed economy in the Western Europe. It is one of the oldest mornarchies.UK is considered as the hub of fashion industry. It is known for the stylish and lavish life style of people. UK is the permanent member of United Nations Organization it also member of the military pact of NATO.UK is known to have the most efficient intelligence agency known as MI6. United Kingdom has the best Navy of the world. Even after BREXIT UK is one of the most powerful states of the world. It is under the supervision of Theresa May.

  1. Germany

Germany is known for its active participation in the world’s history. The barbaric politics of Adolf Hitler has put Germany is the spot light of hate and negativity albeit Germany had learnt from its dark past to emerge as one of the most powerful states of the world. Germany comes under 10 economies of the world. Germany is honored to be the country of most educated and skilled population. Germany is one of the largest exporters of the world. Germany became the permanent member of United Nations. It is also part of the military pact of NATO. Germany is known to have the most beautiful cities of the world. Currently under the leadership of Angela Merkel Germany is one of the most powerful states of the world.


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