5 healthy smoothies to take during exams study

5 healthy smoothies to take during exams study

We know that while we are preparing exams, we don’t have much time to even introvert it in our meal time. Which might leads us to health issues and so as weakness which in result as a migraine, backache and temperature. So it is better that to take precaution before exams or in between exam routines through the in-takes of such recommended smoothies, which will not only provide the taste but the relaxation to mind and energy to the weak body. Some of the healthy and tasty smoothies and sherbet are discussed with the method below:

1.     Sattu Sherbet

2.     Banana- Chico-Date Smoothie

3.     Squash (Kairi ka sherbet)

4.     Chamomile Iced TEA

5.     Lassi Namkeen

Sattu Sherbet:

Sattu Sherbet is known as one the great remedy of heat stroke and is mostly presented to repel the thirst in the summer season. Sattu itself is a powder ready from wheat is peel off.

Which ingredients you need to make?

·        Sugar or gurr

·        Water

·        Sattu Powder

A method of making Smoothie:

It depends upon the quantity of thirst too that how much water would be compatible over the thirst.

·        1 glass water chilled or ice cubes can also be furnished if needed

·        One and a half teaspoon sattu

·        Add sugar or gurr upon your demand of taste

·        Now stir the mixture and rejoice the taste



Banana-Chico-Date smoothie:

This drink would be more beneficial for the health, if you take it in your breakfast as it is a heavy drink and full of nutritious and vitamins substances from dates and fat burning constituents from oatmeal.

Ingredients you need:

·        Peeled and sliced Chico

·        Mashed banana 1 cup

·        2 tablespoon oatmeal

·        6 Dates with removed seeds

·        Ice cubes


·        Blend all the ingredients together with the half jug filled with milk.

·        Blend till the smoother texture appear

·        Add some more milk

·        Blend it again to the texture

·        Take out in a glass

·        Add sugar or honey according to your need

·        Serve with chilled ice

Squash (Kairi ka sherbet):

Squash is that smoothie which is highly demanded in high temperature as it saves us from heat strokes. It is rich in vitamin B and C. It also provides important salts to our body that is lost due to perspiration.

Ingredients you need:

·        2 medium sized raw mango

·        2 glasses of water

·        Sugar according to need

·        2-3 pinch of Black Salt

·        1 pinch White Salt

·        Half table spoon Chaat Masala

·        3-4 mint leaves for garnishing


·        Wash mangoes to remove dirt and impurities.

·        Boil raw mangoes until tender in 2 glass of water

·        Let the mangoes cool after it is boiled

·        Save the water in which mangoes were boiled

·        Throw the peels and seeds away

·        Extract the pulp in the dish

·        Add the pulp in the blender also add the water that was boiled with mangoes and sugar too

·        Blend all the ingredients thoroughly, if you find the mixer thick then do add some water in it

·         Pour the juice into the jug or pan while do add Chaat Masala and Salt.

·        Stir the ingredients

·        Serve the juice or ready smoothie in the serving glasses with ice cubes and mint leaves that you garnished

Chamomile Iced TEA:

Chamomile Tea is the best smoothie or a kind of juice that boost your immunity as well as memory. It is very beneficial for the hair and the skin. Chamomile iced tea protect you from the heat devastating rays of the sun during the summer season.

Ingredients that you need:

·        3 teabags of Chamomile

·        3 teaspoons of sugar and honey

·        1 teaspoon of grated Ginger

·        ½ tablespoon of Lemon juice

·        2-3 leaves of Mint

·        2 cups of water

·        Ice cubes


·        Add chamomile tea-bag in 2-2.5 cups boiled water and let boil until it changes the color into tea.

·        Keep the water boil for 2 minutes

·        Add ginger sugar or honey and lemon juice

·        Steep for half an hour

·        Through sieve strain the mixture

·        Garnish mint leaves

·        Serve it with added ice cubes

·        You can also refrigerate the tea if the ice cubes are not added




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