5 Healthy foods

Food is the most important thing for surviving in the world. If you eat healthy, it not only keeps your body healthy but it also effects the functioning of your brain. Your healthy stomach especially is directly related to your overall performance of the day. You can never focus on your work with an uneasy stomach. What you eat throughout the day matters a lot.  You cannot eat simple food everyday it makes your meal looks boring and tasteless but you can easily add new foods in daily routine to function better.

  1. Yogurt

It is the fermented form of milk. The active bacteria in yogurt help to digest the food quickly. The probiotics in a yogurt helps to maintain the healthy stomach activity. Yogurts are delicious in taste and it can be added easily with any meal you decided to take. Especially if you are planning to take a heavy meal it is must for you to have a small bowl of yogurt with it. Yogurt can be made in different ways, it can be directly added to your food where as you can also add spices in the yogurt to eat it alongside with food. Some people also prefer to eat sweet yogurt after food. You can take it as per your choice. Yogurt has a rich amount of calcium takes also helps in keeping your motor movements healthy. Moreover yogurt also helps to repair the damaged cells.

  1. Apples

An apple in a day keeps doctors away. It is one of the oldest and most heard sayings of all time. The saying is based on the nutritious value of apples. It has very rich amount of iron that not only keeps your stomach healthy but it also makes your strong internally. The fiber helps to digest the food properly. It is best to eat any fruit before you take your daily meal. Apples also take good in the breakfast. Apples can be taken in a salad bowl in afternoon or evening. It is very easy and economical to add apples in your daily routine.

  1. Papaya

It is a most ignored yet a wonder fruit. Papaya is best for keeping your stomach healthy and working properly. Although most of the people do not like the taste of papaya but it is very healthy fruit. It is very rich in vitamin and fibers. It is the best remedy against constipation and other stomach related disease.

  1. Whole Grains

There is a vast variety in the grains that you can consume. In our region we usually prefer to eat wheat and oat grains. When it comes to our tradition we eat grains in form of bread and other forms in our daily routine. Grains are very rich in fiber thus helps to keep your stomach healthy. The energy proportion of grains is also very high. Grains keep you working active and healthy throughout the day.

  1. Ginger

It is one food that we do not have to directly eat. Ginger is one of the most important ingredient used it the daily meals. Ginger helps you to digest your food and it is also very beneficial for your throat’s health. In your daily meal do not forget to addginger in it.


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