5 Foods to Energize your Brain

So what is food for thought today? No we are not talking about the issues you need to think about but the actual food items. Everything we eat provides less or more energy to our brain that helps us to function normally throughout our day. When we feel dizzy and weak, we cannot concentrate properly on work we realize that we are out of energy. We take snacks and small meals to fill our energy level. There are some food items that are best for vitalizing your brain and mental activities.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is the common spice that we use in our daily meals. Turmeric looks like a useless yellow spice that has no particular flavor. It is one of the most important elements of food though. Turmeric has an amazing power of building better immune system. Turmeric helps to rebuild the damaged cells. It also helps to repair brain cells and build a protection shield for your brain cells. Turmeric can also be used with milk. So use this yellow spice more in your life. It is better to take a small quantity of turmeric in a warm glass of milk.

  1. Eggs

Your breakfast is not complete without an egg in it. Egg is not only a rich source of calcium and protein that helps to build your body. It also contains vitamin B6, B12, Folate and Choline. These ingredients work as the brain boosters. Focusing on choline , it helps in regulating mood and increases your memory. Whereas B6, B12 and Folate help brain fight against the psychological disorders especially depression. So don’t forget to eat an egg in your breakfast. Next time if you feel sad and depressed don’t worry about it just boil an egg and eat it.

  1. Nuts

Nuts comprise almonds, Walnuts, cashew nuts, hazel nuts and a lot of other kinds of nuts. You have a large variety of nuts that you can keep on your table to eat while you are working or studying. It helps for better health of heart which directly leads to better brain health. All the nuts consist antioxidants and vitamin E. It helps in sharper memory and better brain activity. So eat nuts in all season’s not just winters.

  1. Oranges

Orange family is a rich family, there are different types of oranges and tangerines. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B. both of these elements help in boosting the brain, memory and it also helps in keeping the balance in water level.Have a glass of orange juice and eat good quantity of oranges now that the orange season is here take maximum benefit from it.

  1. Chocolate

Eating Chocolates have many health benefits. Chocolates contain flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants. Chocolates are the ultimate mood boosters but it has more benefits that we usually know. Chocolate helps you in learning; it helps you to remember things for longer. Eating chocolates helps you perform better mental tasks and ageing effects are postponed. It is important to understand that everything should be eaten in a balanced proportion.





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