5 best ways to improve your communication skills

Communication skills are among the most in demand skills of a person applying for any job. Having the very absorbing ability of communication helps to increase your market value and boosts up your confidence level to put yourself in a position you deserve.

The companies require the communication skills from an employee to better expand their business and communicate the company’s stance to the outer world. These skills are also the soul of your qualification because lacking communication skills would leave you in a box and you would not be able to convey your inner self.

The written communication skills are also of equal importance because not everyone likes a telephone call all the time. The person sitting behind the phone might not like to communicate or listen to what you have to say. That is why; e-mail is one of the most important mediums of communication which requires your written communication skills.

Here are some of the easiest ways to gain a command over communication skills which will help you grow faster.

Listen, Listen and Listen

Listening is the most important component of communication which builds a person’s communication skills brick by brick. While communicating with a person, all you need to do is to listen to that person. Do not divide your attention while listening to a person and ask for clarification to avoid misunderstandings. Do not listen to respond but listen to understand and then answer properly.

Know your audience

Communication requires you to know the audience with whom you’re about to communicate as every person has different preferences. Just before the communication, think about their social status and their position in the company. Try to recall if you have had any conversation before as evaluate the type of tone, diction and attitude you had experienced earlier. If not, then try to figure out whether you need to be formal or informal in your communication. It will allow you to not only communicate properly but put a positive impression of your personality.

Body Language

According to a study, nonverbal communication (body language) accounted for 55% of how the audiences perceived a presenter standing in front of them. It means that you communicate more than half of your message through your body language. Adopt a proper posture if you want to communicate effectively. Do not fold your arms or stand low, and avoid slouching. Maintain an eye contact during your communication to better convey your stance and leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

Be Brief and Specific

The listener and readers usually avoid lengthy conversations. The lack of time compels a person to avoid or lose the interest in a particular communication process. Try to be brief yet comprehensive in your communication as to convey your message in lesser time and words. Read the text carefully before replying to an email and then generate your response so that you do not be hasty and miss important information or give way too much information.

Smile and Show a Positive Attitude

A generous smile can hide plenty of your drawbacks and personal worries and portray you as a serious professional person. Wear a smile so that people get positive vibes from your communication and personality which you’re showing to the world. Do smile even if you’re talking to someone on a phone call because it will eventually make you sound positive and more communicative. 

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