5 best part time jobs you can do while you’re still studying

There are millions of students around the globe who dream of studying at a university and get a graduation degree. But not every student can afford all the expenses of education without having a job because the parents usually cannot pay heavy tuition fees with other expenses like hostel dues etc. To meet the expenses, a student needs to work in the free hours but there are still a few problems which are necessary to eliminate and tackle. If a student is studying and has to keep his grades stable, the part time job will be a challenge for him. But managing job with keeping your studies as a priority is possible.

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With that being said, here are five best part time jobs which you can do while keeping your grades high.



You can earn handsome amount of money if you have a nice DSLR and an eye of capturing moments beautifully. The local photographer of your area might be in search of an assistant or other man to work with him. Rush to his office and ask if he needs an assistant. This job is super flexible because you don’t need to be there from 9 to 5 or for a whole week. You can work on special events and weekends because the events usually are arranged at night. If it isn’t working, you can start your own business by clicking some good pictures of your friends and be the photographer of your university.


If you’re good at a subject like English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology, you can work as a part time teacher or a tutor. There are plenty of options one could avail if he is will to work as a tutor and the working hours are also flexible in it. You just need a profound knowledge of your subject and a little bit of self-confidence and you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Brand Ambassador

Pakistan’s economy is growing and new brands are emerging every day. Universities are the best of the places to advertise and popularize the brand for the owner of any start up. These startups usually look for university students to make their brands familiar and popular among the young students.  The skills you need for being a brand ambassador are being friendly, energetic, outgoing, and self-motivated. If you possess these qualities, you can earn your expenses.


There are tons of blogs which produce content on daily basis. The work is done online so this could be a highly convenient job for a student who has to keep his studies as well as job in process without any obstacle. If you can write well and possess the quality of producing unique and relevant content, you can write for any blog. Do look for the blogs which are looking for the people to be their team member and contribute to their work.

Receptionist/ Help Desk Person

The best part of being a receptionist is that you don’t need to do any work and you are not required to possess any special professional skill. The other benefit which you can get from this job is that you can do your homework sitting in there as a receptionist/help desk person. This job gives you a lot of space and free time to study of your own while being present at your job desk and earn your money.

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