4 top things to know by everyone for Muslim Women

4 top things to know by everyone for Muslim Women

So many misconceptions are made about the Muslim Women in the world. Muslim Women experience have become greater now by the usage and means of social media. We pretend ourselves Muslims normally, but in reality we are failed by not listening the recommended voices of Muslim Women. Four things are going to be discussed in this article by me about the Muslim Women that I interpret and everyone need to understand it.

Improve your way of thinking about women:

If you want to understand the Muslim Women better than first of all, identify through your feelings that what kind of feeling did you perceive for them. If you want to take help from any source than social media is the best tool of guidance because it has the potential to raise the miscellaneous voices and broader and misconception misunderstandings created about the Muslims. You better to get understand that women from any religion are sensitive and are unable to act as the terrorism either they are Muslims or Non-Muslims. Leaving this kind of malfunction debate we don’t need to discuss it. Because Muslim Women gives their silent opinions. Before speaking any unreal truth or dilemma about the Muslim Women, better to know about them first.

·       Think with open-mind:

We should not consider that Islam has salvaged Muslim Women over the consideration of human right group’s and social media philanthropist debates. Remember Islam don’t force Muslim Women to wear hijab as a defeat. But according to Quran, hijab is the shield that refrains women from “Shaitaan” (Evil) in actual it covers women body and save them from lusty looks. Quran not only specify women but also refrain men from modest and allows decent dress for men too. Instead Islam obliged men to lower their gaze in front of women. 

In the interview Lila Abu-Lughod said that “in the rural communities of Egypt people get jealous of Western women. It is totally lack of education that is still exist in their mind, but on the other hand, they are very happy about these women’s. In short these people have their own way of self-understanding and coping the world.”

·       Don’t believe on media statements:

I have noticed but not me but many other Muslim people using media come to know that media is an American and Israeli watchdog who emphasis on the thing Muslim Women are the unhappy women of their nation because they are forced to cover their face and body which is according to media is against the right of the women. But in reality it’s all their misconception because it’s not true. According to report Islam is considerably is the second largest religion in the world, who aims to favor women always and tells that how Islam guide the Hijab relation with women towards stranger.

·       Examine things by yourself:

Don’t get dictation from someone to understand Muslim Women, instead think on yourself from your own mind. You can also ask from them about the hijab and her reviews over it and the religion. Ask if it their choice or their family choice as if they are imposed towards it? Ask to them but don’t relate any irrelevant stuff with them.



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