10 unintended side effects of newly emerging technologies


10. Driverless Cars

The future is all about the cars having no drivers. Many companies are working on this technology to be popular very soon. The question here arises about the programming of the car when it has to choose between the safety of the civilians and the riders. Many people would prefer the safety of the civilians but at the same time, they wouldn’t like to buy a car which would compromise their own safety.

9. Virtual Reality

The new technology can lead to mental and psychological disorders. Virtual Reality is an emerging technology having negative impacts on the health of the people. It is being feared that the technology would be so much addictive that the people would not be able to differentiate between the reality and virtual reality.

8. Using of Drones

The drone technology is becoming popular every day. The days have gone when drones were huge in size and used only for military purposes. Now a days, small drones are available in stores for the civilian use. Amazon is planning to deliver its products to the customers by drones. The problem with the drones is its constant buzzing sound which could drive anyone crazy if the drones become popular in the future. The sound would become a constant part of our life if the drones become common for civilian use.

7. Solar and Wind Farms

Solar and wind power is considered the cleanest and most sustainable energy but the technology also has some side effects. The wind farms can kill a lot of wildlife specially birds. Similarly, solar farms are also considered to be harmful for birds because birds would consider a solar farm a lake and would ignite while flying towards it. The solutions for these problems are yet to be found.

6. Space Flight for Vacation

Yes! It is being popular as many private companies are getting into business. Though they are still researching on it but in future, space traveling for commercial purpose is possible. However, the traveling has side effects on human health. The traveling could lead to permanent effect on vision, reduction of bone density and many other health problems. 

5. Rapid Globalization

The world has become a global village where it is possible to travel to any area of the world within a few hours and even shift your luggage. This globalization, based on airplanes have caused noise pollution leading to many disorders in human lives and health. The cities have no noise free area where humans can relax having no noise around.

4.  The Hyperloop Project

Hyperloop is the proposed project by Elon Musk where people will travel a vacuum having no air resistance at a speed of 800 miles/h. It sounds cool but humans cannot handle this much speed biologically. The project is supposed to be built in a straight line but the earth would not favour it because of its so much geological imperfections. Moreover, any system problem would lead to instant death of the masses because 800 miles/h would not give even a jiffy to react.

3. 3D Printers

Though the technology is emerging but still there is a lot to do to improve it and make it useable for the people. The side effects which 3D printing has the emission. The printers release as much toxic elements as a cigarette. The printers also use cheap plastic which is non-biodegradable and very bad for environment.

2. Toy Lasers

Toy lasers are a cool toy for kids with a cheap price. Now a days, the toys are available in stores for domestic use where kids play with them and enjoy. However, the technology has quite a few side effects also. The laser light can damage vision of the people and the ones which can reach to a long distance are damaging the vision of pilots and even making them blind.

1. The Internet

The internet has become source of connection for the entire world. One can connect himself to anyone of seven billion people around the globe in seconds. However, this connection has given birth to a lot of evils also.  The evil minded people having wrong tendencies can find online people with the same interest and can create their own echo chamber without any restriction. The internet has made it many crimes possible with a lot of psychological, moral and honor crimes.




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